How To Create Strong Emotional Drivers To Engage Your Readers

Creating Strong Emotional Drivers













Finding those emotional barriers, hot buttons, and more depends on your audience.






By understanding the dynamics of your audience and their intent, you will have a greater handle on piquing their interest in the title.



Once you have the reader hooked on your title, you have to maintain their interest with compelling original and informative content.



Think of articles and blog posts like living, breathing conduits of information and the key to move that information is emotion.







Target these 7 emotional hot buttons from Ezine Articles







The stronger the feeling, the more likely your audience will act and share your content……

  • Positive emotion: Amusement, interest, surprise, happiness, delight, pleasure, joy, hope, affection, excitement, awe – powerful positive content is known to be more viral than negative content.
  • Contrast emotions: Should negative emotions be present, such as anger or anxiety, contrast them with positive emotions or empathy.
  • Personal emotion: Help your readers see themselves in the content rather than merely feeling empathetic.
  • Stacking emotions: Each point escalates to a new emotional level.
  • Belonging emotion: Insider content that makes the reader feel as though they are in the know – such as nostalgia.
  • Altruistic emotion: Content that makes the reader believe they’re doing good (by virtue) and it makes them feel good.
  • Identity emotion: Content the reader feels represents them or reaffirms their identity – “This is who I am.”





Even if you have a “stellar” product or service use emotional drivers to create compelling content that prompts action.



They may be consuming data faster than you can blink, but readers are humans with incredible needs and powerful wants.


Connecting with them on an emotional level may be just what your writing is missing…….






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