How To Create Your Own Unique Blogging Voice

How You Can Steal, Swipe and Imitate to Find Your Own Unique Blogging Voice














Find Your Own Unique Blogging Voice By Using These Tips to Steal, Swipe and Imitate






You want to sound human.




You want to sound like you.




“When you write with a strong voice, it’s so much easier to connect and engage with your audience; and to write blog posts that get shared and commented on”……says author/blogger Henneke.




Do you think that creating your own blogging voice seems hard?




It shouldn’t be if you just know how to “steal” from different blogging styles and blend them together to create your own unique voice.




When you develop your blogging voice, you follow a similar process.




“Nobody is born with a style or a voice. We don’t come out of the womb knowing who we are. In the beginning, we learn by pretending to be our heroes. We learn by copying”. ~ Austin Kleon








Here are 3 valuable tips from Henneke to help you find your own unique blogging voice…..







Are you ready?




Let’s begin….





1.  Find a blogger you like.

Don’t outright copy what he (or she) is writing, but study his/her copywriting  techniques:

  • Why do his/her opening paragraphs entice you to read a post?
  • How do subheadings compel you to read on?
  • What’s the overall tone of his/her blog posts? Why does he/she speak so strongly to you?
  • What makes you smile? Or nod in agreement? When do you sigh because he/she understands so well how you’re feeling?
  • How long are the posts? How are they structured?
  • How short are the paragraphs and sentences?
  • Does he/she have any favorite words?
  • Does he/she use metaphors? How does he/she share details about his/her life?
  • Are his/her blog posts inspirational, entertaining, or useful, or a mix?
  • How do his/her closing paragraphs make you feel better or encourage you to take action?




2.  Create your own swipe file with favorite openings, conclusions, metaphors, paragraphs, and words

  • Read your swipe file, analyze it, and read it again and again.
  • No matter how hard you try, your imitation of someone else’s blogging voice won’t be perfect.
  • Embrace this lack of perfection, because it’s the start of developing your own voice.
  • Some writing styles will not sound like you, just adapt and polish in your own unique way.




3.  Find two or three voices you like.

  • What do you like so much about them?
  • How can you integrate some of their techniques into your blogging style?
  • Study the writing techniques of a small selection of bloggers and add examples of stuff you like to your swipe file.
  • Once you start mixing different styles, something magical happens.
  • You start hearing your own voice.
  • You learn what makes you different.
  • That’s when you start creating your own distinct voice.











Having a strong blogging voice is about voicing your opinions, being a leader, and a strong dose of personality.



Stop worrying whether people might think you’re crazy.



Let your own personal unique voice shine through.



Feel free to be different, eccentric, or even a bit strange.



Because that’s how you connect, and engage, and grow your blog following.







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Sharing Is Caring!



To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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    1. So true, practice, practice and practice and your true blogging voice will shine through 🙂

      So many struggle, I agree with you Micah! Thank you for your awesome comment my friend!!

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