How To Develop A Hurdlers Mindset

Develop A Hurdlers Mindset With These 5 Principles








5 Principles For Developing A Hurdlers Mindset.






Here is some great advice I would like to share with you on overcoming life’s hurdles and achieving BIG success in your life……by Tom Terwilliger, “Committing BIGGER Than Your Obstacles





As Mark Twain once said “Courage is the mastery of fear the resistance of fear, not the absence of fear”





Like the achievement of any worthwhile goal or objective your ability to tap into your potential as a leader will likely be met with a few hurdles and obstacles.


Successfully navigating those obstacles will ultimately mean the difference between success and failure, frustration and celebration.





You may not have the ability to predict how many, what kind or even when or where you’ll encounter your obstacles.





Which put’s your first obstacle – and it’s a BIG one – directly on your path.






Obstacle # 1 – Uncertainty

  • Not knowing what to expect can and often does place a big brick wall on the path of many would be leaders.
  • Uncertainty has an additional residual effect, it can and generally does invoke doubt and the two uncertainty and doubt together will likely spawn fear.




Obstacle # 2 – Fear

  • It’s the “thing” that stops most people from pursuing much less achieving their potential or stepping up into their leadership role.





The mindset needed to get over your first two hurdles and all the other unpredictable obstacles you will encounter at the helm of your life and business – is one of FAITH. 





Faith that no matter what you face you can will and MUST find a way to get over, under or around it… period!




Tom Terwilliger’s 5 principles for developing a hurdlers Mindset.




1) Never ever, ever give into frustration.

  • Know that with enough behavioral flexibility there is always a way over, under, around or through the obstacle.
  • Maybe all you need is a fresh perspective.



2) Commitment is key!

  • When you’re 100% committed to the goal nothing can or will stand in your way… period!



3) Steady the wheel.

  • Not all obstacles will come at you head on.
  • Like a strong starboard wind threatening to blow you off course, you may get blindsided now and then.
  • Keep a firm grip on the wheal and keep your eyes on the road ahead.




4) Develop staying power.

  • Even though size may matter it is staying power that will ultimately get the job done.




5) Get over it.

  • When dealing with the internal emotional obstacles like fear, doubt, uncertainty and lack of worthiness, the best advice one can give you is to get over it and keep moving forward.





To learn more about Tom Terwilliger who is equal parts athlete, entrepreneur and motivator and the author of 7 Rules of Achievement…….click here.






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