How To Develop A Powerful Sales Personality

Developing A Powerful Sales Personality









Do You Have A Powerful Sales Personality?





Becoming excellent in closing sales is an inside job….says Brian Tracy





It begins within you.





In sales, your personality is more powerful than your product knowledge.

  • It is more important than your sales skills.
  • It is more important than the product or service that you are selling.

In fact, your personality determines fully 80 percent of your sales success.









Here are 3 tips from Brian Tracy,  to help you develop a powerful sales personality




Tip # 1 – Develop Empathy and Understanding

  • Ambition, the desires to achieve, combined with empathy, the genuine caring for the well-being of your customers, are the twin keys to top sales performance.
  • A person with empathy makes every effort to get inside the mind and heart of the customer and to understand his situation and needs.
  • They find out what the customer really wants and then presents it to them in a manner he/she finds palatable.




Tip # 2 – Keep Your Word

  • Top-selling salespeople are impeccably honest with themselves and with others.
  • There is no substitute for honesty in selling.
  • Earl Nightingale once said, “If honesty did not exist, it would have to be invented as the surest way of getting rich.”





Tip # 3 – Do What you Love to Do

  • One of the secrets of success in selling is for you to do what you love to do.
  • Look at the top salespeople in the very best companies, and you’ll find that these people are fanatical about their products and services.





Resolve today, that you are going to become one of the hardest-working professional salespeople in your industry; start earlier; work harder; stay later.







Do whatever it takes to reach your financial goals.








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