How To Do The Impossible Just By Turning On A Switch

Just By Turning  On A Switch You Can Do The Impossible









How To Turn On The Switch So You Can Do The Impossible





It’s EASIER not to do something than it is to do it…..wouldn’t you agree?





“Unless you were somehow sheltered from the rest of the world and grew up in some very upbeat environment where you were pushed to achieve excellence… I think you’d agree that most people just want to coast”……says Vitaly Grinblat, of Magnetic Sponsoring.




It’s easier to be negative than to be positive.

  • It’s easier to coast than to go for it.
  • It’s easier to follow than to lead.
  • It’s easier to lack discipline than to force yourself to do what you know you need to do.
  • It’s easier to seek comfort, security, and conform to the so-called status quo.





As if you did not know this that all the goodies go to those who “pay the price”, the price of staying disciplined, risking failure, challenging themselves and taking full responsibility for their actions.





Question is……


Do you wake up every morning with excitement and do you know how to turn your “motivation” switch on to jump in the battle and slay the dragons?

  • You’re not just in a battle, but in a WAR.
  • A war against mediocrity and financial slavery.

  • A war against being chained to a desk for decades and retiring on less than half of what you couldn’t afford to live on in the first place.





Motivation is 100% internal….and what drives that motivation are your GOALS.

  • When you have big goals, that are deeply ingrained in your subconscious mind, they DRIVE YOU to do more… to do the “impossible.”





We are all capable to do so much more than we “THINK” we can.





When you have goals that light you up and get you excited just thinking about them… that’s the magic recipe for staying motivated, excited and doing whatever you need to do to move yourself forward.






Here’s a challenge for you…..




Every day, for the next 30 days, write down your biggest goals before you go to bed and think about them, see yourself in possession of the things you want, feel how it would be to actually accomplish them…….do this every day and every night so that it will reprogram your subconscious mind with that goal.




Do that, and you’ll start jumping out of bed in the morning, with a huge boost in energy and enthusiasm to do the things you need to do.





The key is to “Do It NOW’!







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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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