How To Drive More Leads To Your Website Or Blog

Do You Want To Drive More Leads To Your Website Or Blog?




Drive More Leads To Your Website Or Blog….Starting Today!





Here are 6 tips to double your opt-in rate by my friend, Ryan Biddulph…..Enjoy friends!







Drive more leads to your website or blog.





Make money online without straining, struggling or striving with these 6 tips:








Tip 1 – Create Daily

  • Search engines love daily posters.
  • Publish.
  • Boost your home business opt-ins by creating at least one post a day





Tip 2 – Target

  • Speak to your target market.
  • Each post NEEDS to pop up in front of your target market.
  • Build each blog post, article or video around a keyword or key phrase.
  • This ensures a steady flow of interested prospects flow to your site which jacks up your opt-ins.





Tip 3 – Network

  • Network like a mad dog says Ryan……”I joined an automated twitter tribe on Facebook through my networking efforts which means 30 plus Retweets in a split second for me.”
  • Grow your network by networking on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus to build trust and increase your opt-ins.
  • Leave comments, send personal messages to individuals and just be a friend, ok?
  • Gain trust and attract opt-ins.
  • Leverage your presence.





Tip 4 – Branch Out

  • Network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.
  • Connect with leads across multiple networks.
  • Ryan says…..”Put your eggs in a few baskets to cater to individual’s tastes.”





Tip 5 – Personalize

  • Personalize your squeeze page with video of you chatting about your cash gifting club or network marketing opportunity.
  • Adding a personal touch boost opt-ins quickly.
  • Be different.
  • Make an impact.




Tip 6 – Persist

  • You MUST work daily to stand out from the crowd and boost your opt-ins quickly.
  • Most people fail because they don’t treat an online business like a business.
  • “You know better”……says Ryan πŸ™‚





You will NEVER take these practical steps without a strong, pulsating Why in place.





Why are you running a network marketing business?





If you enjoyed these tips by my friend Ryan Biddulph, and found TONS OF VALUE, please do yourself a favor and share with everyone you think will benefit from knowing this information…..Thank You!





Sharing Is Caring!




To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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