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Do You Want To Drive More Leads To Your Website Or Blog?




Drive More Leads To Your Website Or Blog….Starting Today!





Here are 6 tips to double your opt-in rate by my friend, Ryan Biddulph…..Enjoy friends!







Drive more leads to your website or blog.





Make money online without straining, struggling or striving with these 6 tips:








Tip 1 – Create Daily

  • Search engines love daily posters.
  • Publish.
  • Boost your home business opt-ins by creating at least one post a day





Tip 2 – Target

  • Speak to your target market.
  • Each post NEEDS to pop up in front of your target market.
  • Build each blog post, article or video around a keyword or key phrase.
  • This ensures a steady flow of interested prospects flow to your site which jacks up your opt-ins.





Tip 3 – Network

  • Network like a mad dog says Ryan……”I joined an automated twitter tribe on Facebook through my networking efforts which means 30 plus Retweets in a split second for me.”
  • Grow your network by networking on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus to build trust and increase your opt-ins.
  • Leave comments, send personal messages to individuals and just be a friend, ok?
  • Gain trust and attract opt-ins.
  • Leverage your presence.





Tip 4 – Branch Out

  • Network on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.
  • Connect with leads across multiple networks.
  • Ryan says…..”Put your eggs in a few baskets to cater to individual’s tastes.”





Tip 5 – Personalize

  • Personalize your squeeze page with video of you chatting about your cash gifting club or network marketing opportunity.
  • Adding a personal touch boost opt-ins quickly.
  • Be different.
  • Make an impact.




Tip 6 – Persist

  • You MUST work daily to stand out from the crowd and boost your opt-ins quickly.
  • Most people fail because they don’t treat an online business like a business.
  • “You know better”……says Ryan 🙂





You will NEVER take these practical steps without a strong, pulsating Why in place.





Why are you running a network marketing business?





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