How To Empower Your Readers And Increase Your Exposure

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Empower Your Readers By Sharing Your Power






Today, I want to share with you some tips from EzineArticles on how you can empower your readers and increase your exposure at the same time….ENJOY!





Want to amplify your power to increase your credibility, exposure, reader-loyalty?





Feeling empowered is an incredible motivator to take action.




By empowering your readers, you will increase your credibility and exposure, as well as your reader’s trust and confidence in your platform.








Here are 3 Tips To Empower Your Readers






Tip # 1 – Lose (or At Least Loosen) the Tie

  • To connect with your readers, try an informal, conversational article writing style.
  • This style often includes sharing personal anecdotes or humor in a more personable, casual manner.





TIP # 2 – Measure Article Density

  • To measure the density of your article, consider the mass (the core of your message) and volume (the amount of words you’ve used to convey the message).
  • Dense articles are often overwhelming to readers, whereas thin or light articles are often rejected by readers for vague and unoriginal content.
  • Limit the volume of your article to 500-700 words, and if you must, try not to go over 1,000 words.





TIP # 3 – More “You” and “Yours”

  • Ensure your articles are reader-centric, i.e. they should feel the article revolves completely around them.
  • Give your readers a sense of immediacy and place them directly in the article by using more active, descriptive language as well as talk directly with the reader by using “you” and “yours.”
  • Ensure the content in your articles is in-tune with your reader’s needs and is relevant.
  • Finally, target your reader’s expectations by delivering on every aspect of your title, summary, article body, and resource box.




Aim to inspire by showing your audience the possibilities and empower them to take action by imparting your incredible knowledge.




Use the above tips to write more engagingly, to create a more memorable platform, and to empower yourself in the process.








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