How to Engage Your Community

Learn how to engage your community like never before





How important do you think it is to engage your community?


More important than you realize…..


Well, for one, you need fans to spread the word about your brand so you can grow your following organically….But to attract new followers, you need to know how to engage with them.



With social media, engaging with your community has become easier than ever.  Social media allows you to listen to what your audience needs and adjust strategies accordingly to develop a loyal community.



To do that you need to follow these 4 tips from PRWeb, The Connection,  to build a stronger, more engaged following:


1.  Build a community around your audience

  • You can’t force a community, so let it happen naturally.
  • Find your fans on the social networks and apps they already use and engage with them there.
  • For example, if you’re finding more people are tweeting about your brand than posting about it on Facebook, focus on developing your community on Twitter.
  • Your audience will be more willing to join your community when it fits easily into their lives.


2.  Simplify your message

  • Social media users have short attention spans, so you have limited time to reel in new followers.
  • Get to the point straight away, and tell people what you’re all about.
  • Be concise when explaining your brand’s mission, and give a reason why people should follow you.
  • What’s in it for them?
  • Encourage them to share your message with others to further grow your community.


3.  Share a variety of content

  • When you use the same content across all your social media channels, your followers will get bored and lose interest in what you have to say.
  • Keep the message consistent, but adapt your content for each channel and each audience.
  • Vary the style of your content, too.
  • Post a mix of informative, fun and promotional content to keep things fresh and interesting.


4.  Get your audience involved

  • Community is all about sharing stories, and chances are your followers are already doing just that.
  • Join the conversation and encourage your followers to share their experiences with your brand and give their feedback.
  • Try running contests and ask questions to get more people involved.
  • For every positive review or response you get, don’t forget to say “thank you.”
  • This small gesture goes a long way in promoting a positive brand reputation.



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25 Replies to “How to Engage Your Community”

  1. Love this, especially the part about not being able to force community, let it happen naturally. Often we want things to go faster than they do but forcing doesn’t work. Going to take your advice about involving the community with questions and contests.

  2. Interesting tips Joan and I had to read them again carefully after ‘skimming’ the first time round. 😉 What intrigues me most is that I get more engagement from a short time span Tweet than a lot of my other social media site posts despite the fact that the other sites show more views of my posts. 😉

    I need to think about this carefully. Thanks for sharing the useful information.

  3. Great tips here Joan. I want to add that asking questions of your audience can also help people get more involved as a community. Another tip is to share the content of those in your community to show people that you are paying attention to them.
    And blog commenting is the most underutilized way to engage your blog community. The problem is that most people leave one sentence or three word comments. When you leave an insightful comment, it stirs up conversation among other interested readers and that is a key way for community to happen.
    Thanks for the tips.

    1. Thank you Lisa! Really appreciate your feedback 🙂 I love that tip…sharing the content of those in your community to show them that you do indeed pay attention 🙂 Glad you enjoyed!!

  4. Hi, Joan

    Each tip is very useful in engaging the community. #4 tip is the most challenge item for me. I will read it again so that I will grap hold of the main ideas.
    thanks for the post.

  5. All of these points are so very important in creating your tribe or community online, Joan. Engagement is so key in our world today and I find many people have short attention spans. I think it is important to use their name in comments and replies too, as it makes the engagement more personal. As always, wonderful tips to keep building our reach and creating a loyal community!

  6. Great blog post, Joan! I love all your tips but what I like most is “Get Involved”! I think communicating and connecting with our audience are very important. Nowadays, many things are very much automated but personal touch always make people feel better. I’m not interested in connecting with computers. I’m interested in connecting with like minded people, so other people might think the same. Anyway, thank you for sharing great tips:)

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