How To Engage Your Customers With Email Marketing

Here’s How To Engage Your Customers With Email Marketing












As You Probably Already Know…You Have To Engage With Your Customers






Email is an excellent marketing tool to help you to engage with your customers.










All you need to do is to follow these eleven tips from author, Henneke to use email to engage, build trust, and sell…




1.  Maximize sign-ups.

  • Have several sign-forms on your website.
  • Promote your email newsletter via social media.



2.  Sign people up off line.

  • Collect email addresses at exhibitions.
  • Promote your email newsletter in store.
  • But don’t email without permission.



3.  Give a reason to sign up.

  • Provide exclusive information or email-only promotions.



4.  Re-assure subscribers.

  • Be clear about your privacy policy.
  • Show a short privacy statement close to your sign-up form.



5.  Explain what to expect.

  • Will subscribers receive an email monthly, weekly, or daily?



6.  Send people a welcome email.

  • You also welcome people when they arrive at your office or store, don’t you?



7.  Share tips.

  • Don’t just sell.
  • Develop a relationship.
  • Share useful information or be entertaining.



8.  Be personal.

  • Don’t use a do not reply email address.
  • If suitable, use a person’s name as the sender.



9.  Write to one person.

  • Nobody likes being addressed as part of crowd.
  • Imagine writing to just one person and your emails will become friendlier, more personal, and more engaging.



10.  Mix things up.

  • Try a text-only email. Or a picture-only email.



11.  Have a clear call-to-action.

  • Ask people to connect.
  • Ask them to reply.
  • Or ask them to buy.





Are You Engaging Your Audience and Customers?





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