How To Find Your Ideal Client and Hone in on Your Target Market In 5 Easy Steps

5 Easy Steps To Finding Your Ideal Client (hint….it is all about honing in on your target market



What I’m about to share with you may not be revolutionary or mind-blowing – but it works……..Over and over again.





As a business owner, you will want to pay attention to the following 5-step formula that has been proven to finding ideal clients for your business by rapidly building their trust and credibility and showing you how to get them pre-sold and excitedly APPLYING to work with you….




Step 1 – Define Your Ideal Client

  • First of all, you need to know what their problems are, what their biggest fears are, what their frustrations and desires are.
  • What would motivate them to invest 1000’s in your coaching.
  • If you don’t know what these are – interview them, or ask them with a survey.


Step 2 – Go Where Your Ideal Client Hangs Out

  • Once you’ve defined your ideal client – you will know exactly where they hang out.
  • You’ll know what magazines they read, what forums they attend, what events or networking groups they go to, what sites to put your advertising on etc.
  • Go there


Step 3 – Get them to identify themselves as ideal clients

  • At the moment you don’t know who might need your services.
  • All you have to do is create some type of ‘bait’ your ideal client would love to eat.
  • For example: Create some type of free offering, i.e. a free report, a free webinar, a free presentation, a free book etc.,
  • How do you know what they would love to consume?
  • If you’ve done step 1 all you have to do is create the giveaway to help them solve a current problem they’re having as it relates to your coaching niche.
  • Giving information is an easy, non-threatening way to do it.
  • If they take the bait, (i.e. if they download your free report, or ask you to send them your book, or show up to your presentation) – you will have a potential ideal client.
  • Now you have a great lead.



Step 4 – Build Trust, Credibility & Communicate the REAL Value of Coaching with Ideal Clients

  • Coaching requires a lot of TRUST before someone will invest in you.
  • There are a few different aspects of trust you need to build…
  • They need to trust you’re a credible expert (you know what you’re talking about)
  • They need to trust in you as a person (so they can open up)
  • They need to trust in your ability as a Coach (so they can get results)
  • They need to trust they’ll get value from their investment (so they get an ROI, and won’t get ripped off)
  • They need to trust they themselves will be able to achieve the result you’re pitching (inner trust)
  • The way to build this type of trust in all these different areas is with the content you provide.
  • It’s how you tell your story of your successful clients. (testimonials)
  • This step is really all about providing value in advance.
  • If you want a potential prospect to see the value of your coaching, provide value upfront, and for free, BEFORE you ever pitch them anything
  • Building this type of trust to sell high-ticket coaching takes TIME
  • If you do this right, they’ll be chomping at the bit to work with you


Step 5 – Get Them Pre-Sold and Excitedly Applying to Work with You

  • How do you pre-sell them?
  • If you’re struggling to get clients right now giving away your time REPELS your prospective client.
  • Remember…..we humans place a higher value on things that are scarce.
  • Your ideal client needs to know working with you is a HUGE opportunity only afforded to a few.
  • When you create this perception, you’ll have ideal prospects beating down your door to work with you.
  • Here’s how you create this perception…
  • First – you provide great, high value content upfront that demonstrates ALL of those trust, credibility and value factors as mentioned in the previous step.
  • This get’s them excited and eager at the idea of transforming their life with your help!
  • Second-
  • You must put barriers up between you and your ideal client.
  • You must make it HARD for them to work with you – not easy.
  • This makes you MORE appealing, and MORE attractive



So when it comes to barriers the FIRST, and most important one you must use as a Coach to make yourself and your services more appealing and more attractive is to have an application and the most important benefit of this is that you can weed out those that aren’t a good fit way before you giveaway your free time with them.



To do this you need to make sure that at the END of each of your high value pieces of content, have some type of call to action to APPLY to get on the phone with you or depending on the circumstance, move into some type of deeper relationship with you. (I.e. maybe the call to action is to a webinar, or workshop, or your membership site etc.)



You can apply to work with me and get your FREE 30-60 minute consultation by APPLYING HERE now 🙂  




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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56 thoughts on “How To Find Your Ideal Client and Hone in on Your Target Market In 5 Easy Steps

  1. I did NOT think of these things when I had my first blog. I loved creating content, but I didn’t focus much on what an “ideal” client was.

    Now that I use my blog for different purposes, I can see why this matters and how important it is. These are useful tips for those of us looking to narrow down our audience and speak directly to those individuals.

  2. Hi Joan,

    You sure gave such wonderful information on this post. There are so many that don’t keep in mind their target market when they are blogging, or even on social media. We must ALWAYS have that in the back of our minds.

    I am so glad that you mentioned to have an application before you coach. My gosh that’s so important because we want to work with a good fit with others.

    Each an every point you have here is spot on!


  3. Excellent blog content Joan 🙂

    Thanks for the reminder about having that application….I need to get on that!

    Appreciate the awesome tips and enjoyed reading your blog 🙂 post

  4. This is great post Joan. Knowing your ideal client is so critical to know before you get started with blogging. Once you figure out that part coming up with content is a whole lot easier. Thanks for sharing this post!

    • Thanks Dereco! Knowing your ideal client is so important to know especially BEFORE you start blogging….makes it that much easier to talk just to them in your blog posts 🙂

  5. Hi Joan,

    Great Post! I totally agree with you that finding a right valuable customer is very important otherwise its not only the loss of our time but strength too. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us.

  6. Hey Joan,

    Great advice. And its in step by step form which I always appreciate. As I’m reading through I think, yep done that next. Read on and think no – need to do that. And I did that all the way down the page. So I will taking a few tips away with me today that is for sure.

    Trust is a big isn’t it. That’s what I am always looking for, building solid relationships before I consider becoming a customer to anyone myself. I always try and put myself in the customers shoes and then I go about my business. Thanks for a great post.


    • Hey Rachel,
      Thank you 🙂 So glad that you appreciate the step by step form and that you found the post so helpful to you!
      Yes, trust is a HUGE thing especially if you want your audience to buy from you 🙂

  7. Hey Joan,

    It’s going to be very difficult if people start blogging but don’t know who their target audience is or how to address them specifically. You’ve definitely given some very valuable tips here that anyone can take and run with.

    Blogging is so rewarding but not when you’re not getting anywhere with it. I love your idea about the application process as well because when you aren’t addressing your specific target audience the way we should then you’ll get a lot of tire kickers. This is a great way to weed them out.

    Appreciate this list, you’ve covered a LOT. Awesome actually and I know anyone who is struggling in this area will really appreciate having come across this post. Thank you for sharing this Joan and I’ll be sure to share it as well.


    • Hey Adrienne,

      Absolutely true, it will be very difficult for bloggers when they start blogging if they DO NOT know who their target audience truly is 🙂
      Definately having an application to weed out those “tire kickers” is a must!

      Appreciate your awesome comment and for sharing thank you girlfriend 🙂

  8. So much great information again, Joan. It took me a while to figure out my target audience, and I’m still making tweaks, but it’s definitely helped me improve.

  9. Great tips, Joan! I was so grateful to read this particularly: “If you’re struggling to get clients right now giving away your time REPELS your prospective client.” I’ve always felt that way, and always resisted when people told me I should. Thankfully, I have all the business I can handle, but just glad to know following my gut on that was right!
    Thank You!

    • Thanks so much Susan! I can totally understand how following your gut and know you were right by doing so will make a huge difference 🙂 Appreciate the awesome feedback 🙂

  10. Great advice, Joan. This is what I was looking for recently. I am going to share this will other clients and associates. I think the fact trust is so important. The client won’t work anyone they don’t trust.

  11. Hi Joan,

    Stellar post about the 5 steps to find and create your ideal clients. Especially smart is the advice to apply scarcity within the process. People can’t take a takeaway!

  12. Sometimes it takes awhile to figure out your ideal customer. We finally did and all our blog content is wriiten for our target audience. We hope they will attract women who appreciate the love and care we put into our procuct & our blogs.

    • Yes that is true Roslyn 🙂 I know for a fact that so many women love and appreciate all of your product and your blogs….all very professional and enticing 🙂 Thanks for your comment, very much appreciated!

  13. Thank you all the great info in this article. I had considered the application process too and your explanation as to why is giving me alot to think about and to likely get one set up on my coaching site. Enjoyed reading this….

    • Thanks Teresa 🙂 Yes, having an application for coaching is so important as it definately weeds out those “tire kickers”! Best of luck with it on your coaching site!

  14. Another good post, Joan. Finding your ideal client is key and to build a loyal following you have to offer them something that they see as different from others. Especially for them. As I write a wide range of lifestyle topics, my challenge is to zero in and target a specific audience. That isn’t as easy as it is for people who have a specific product or service and can gear their message directly to them. Thanks for the tips and I always take what resonates and continue to hone my own message and how I share with the world!

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