How To Generate Trust In Your Email Marketing Strategy

What You Need To Know To Generate Trust In Your Email Marketing Strategy



If you are looking for a list of do’s and dont’s that’ll make your emails pop and help you to generate that trust in your email marketing strategy, then you need to pay attention to this post so you can learn how to unlock the cash in your email list.


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“There is a definite art to writing good email copy, copy that makes your prospects legitimately amped for your products and makes them excited about giving you their money”……says Taylor Welch (Traffic and








There is, essentially, only one goal when writing great emails, and that is to generate trust, so pay attention to the following ways that will help you turn a massive list of subscribers into hungry leads and responsive prospects  and significantly boost your sales, reputation and your engagement




1. Be consistent

  • You cannot just show up randomly, coming in and out of people’s lives on a whim, and expect them to actually trust you.
  • It’s the same way with your email subscribers.
  • They obviously want to hear from you (if they don’t, they’ll unsubscribe), and showing up consistently is a key in trust


2.  Be concise

  • One of the biggest mistakes you can make, if you actually want to make money with your emails, is to overwhelm your readers with too many options.
  • When your emails have too many calls to action, people tend to be unsure of what they should do first.
  • So they end up doing… nothing.
  • Likewise, when there’s no definitive instruction on what to do next, people have no “next step.”
  • The golden zone is when there’s just one place to go next, one desired action, one next step.


3.  Be captivating

  • People are busy, overwhelmed and exhausted from constant information being thrown at them.
  • You have to show up differently.
  • Make your email copy so compelling that people have to stop what they’re doing and read every word.
  • Your subject line is the first step.
  • It’s gotta pack the punch that jolts readers out of their day and gets them in the zone of your email.
  • Always remember, your one goal is to get them to read the next line because they’re so captivated they just can’t stop.


4.  Be Fascinating

  • You need to remember that people do not buy because they are interested in you.
  • They buy because they are undeniably, irrevocably, and totally fascinated with what your product or service can do for them.
  • It means that even if your prospects are full-out sprinting away from wild wolves, your copy (your offer, your persona, your story) cannot be resisted.



Creating fascination with your business is likely the most important marketing role you will ever fill, because the more fascination you can create, the more customers, the more referrals, and the more revenue you will generate.  It’s only when your leads and prospects become fascinated with the results you can provide for them, that they are willing to fork over money for what you are offering.




Here are three ways that work exceptionally well for creating massive fascination through your email marketing:


1.  “ABFP,” or always be future pacing

  • You always want to talk and write about how awesome and incredible life will be when your prospects experience the results you can give them.
  • This is all about how you make your prospects feel when they read your email, your copy, and your offers.
  • They should feel like the person they want to be and could be is only one decision, one action away (future pacing).


2.  Spend a lot of time crafting your open loops

  • When writing email copy for clients, Taylor spends roughly 50% of his time figuring out how he’s going to create a natural flow into the next email.
  • So to give you an example, at the end of his emails, he says something like:
  • “Oh yea, by the way, there’s one thing that if you don’t do correctly, will completely ruin this process. I just showed you… in fact, it can be so destructive that you might even ruin ‘blah blah blah.’ I’ll tell you what that one mistake is… tomorrow.”
  • Or…
  • “By the way, have you heard of the ‘X,Y,Z Pickup Formula’? It’s kind of freaky how good it works, and we all thought it was a fluke at first – but it’s not. I’m telling you it works every time. If you want to pick up dates in a way they can’t refuse (I know it sounds crazy but last night I used this and [got these results]) then you’ve gotta try this… I’ll give you the entire formula tomorrow.”
  • By the time people read that far in your email, they’re left on the edge and can’t wait to see your name in their inbox the next day.
  • They’re fascinated! And can’t wait to read more.


3.  Master the basics

  • The truth:
  • Masters of marketing, copywriting, and advertising are ruthlessly committed to their mastery of the basics.
  • If you want to create fascination in your emails, your landing pages, sales letters, and marketing pieces, go no further than the basics.
  • Study the Gary Halbert Letters, buy Joe Sugarman’s books, Claude Hopkin’s “Scientific Advertising,”  Victor Schwab’s “How To Write A Good Advertisement” and go get on the lists of the “modern greats” like Ben Settle, Andre Chaperon, and Kevin Rogers.
  • Taylor says that if you get good at the basics, the advanced stuff will come… and, you’ll most likely find out what he did, which is this…..that the advanced stuff doesn’t matter nearly as much as nailing the basics when it comes to making your copy sing!



Remember that as you start creating curiosity and fascination in your emails, you will see drastic increases in your ROE (return on email).



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