How to Get More Customers With Your Copywriting

Get More Customers To Pay You What You Are Worth













How do you get paid what you deserve from more customers?





“When you’re selling a product, you’re almost always better off selling a smaller volume at a higher price than a large volume at a lower price”…..says Henneke




If you deliver a service, then the best way to raise your income is to increase your fees as well.






How can you raise your fees?










When you have specific knowledge about the needs and wishes of a specific target customer, and specialize in a specific niche,you can charge more for your services.








Begin by using these 5 copywriting tricks from Henneke so you get more money for your services.







1. Use the power of imagination

  • You become a lot more valuable when prospects start thinking about buying an experience rather than a plain service.
  • Your reader needs to imagine what it’s like to work with you.
  • Copywriting guide:
  • Use sensory or emotional words to add sizzle to your text, so your readers can visualize or feel what it’s like to work with you.



2. Provide specific details

  • Copy needs to be concise.
  • You need to tell people exactly why they should spend so much money on your service or product.
  • If you want to charge a premium for your services, then you need to explain why exactly you’re worth more money.
  • Copywriting guide:
  • Explain details to show your authority and your expertise.
  • Talk about your specific skills.
  • Show how your specific experience helps your customers.



3. Show your value

  • Your product isn’t valuable.
  • Your service isn’t valuable.
  • The only thing that IS valuable, is what your product or service does for your customer.
  • How does it make your customer happier, richer, or healthier?
  • Think about the value you offer your customers.
  • What problems do you solve and what glitches do you avoid?
  • How much is that worth?
  • How much more money can your customer make because of the help you’re offering?
  • Copywriting guide:
  • Don’t just describe the specifics of your service, translate each detail into the benefit you offer to your customers.



4. Draw analogies

  • Are you the Ford, the Mercedes, or the Ferrari in your industry?
  • Analogies can quickly explain the difference between high and low quality. And high and low prices.



5. Educate your customers

  • When you educate people about your service, then you can almost effortlessly captivate their attention.
  • When you sell to people, they raise their defenses. Nobody wants to be sold to.
  • Copywriting guide:
  • Don’t expect people to understand automatically why they should pay more for a better service.
  • Don’t expect them to know the difference between high and low quality.
  • Start a blog and share your expertise so you can educate your prospects and explain why they should pay more.





To escape the low-price monster, you need to stand out from your competition.


You need to demonstrate your value.


You need to show why people should be desperate to work with you.


Show why your service isn’t run-of-the-mill.


Do what you love doing and show your passion.


Add a large dose of personality.


Remember: You can charge more, when people want to work with you, because of who you are.




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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Aha, the details! Great tips Joan and this one cuts right to the point. People like specifics. Numbers. Details. Adding details creates and orderly mind and hey, few I know love chaos lol….we like orderliness in our minds and lives.

    Be orderly in your dealings by being specific in what you offer and how it benefits your target audience. You can never go wrong if you add more than enough details, making it easy for your prospective customers to see how your offering helps them solve their problems and live their dreams.

    Thanks for sharing Joan!


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