How To Get More Email Subscribers

How You Can Get More Email Subscribers



Growing an email list is a critical part of email marketing success.


The more people you have to talk to, the more chance you have of getting a good number of people to do what you want them to do, whether it is to click, comment or buy.



“The size of an email list is not important, the aim is to target those best sources of motivated, interested subscribers and build a good quality relationship with those people”……says Chris Garrett

Make sure your sign up form is visible, and it effectively describes the benefits of signing up to your list.



You should be continuously looking at what you are doing to see if you are being effective in attracting people to your list and if you are attracting only the right people.


So, where do you find lots of eager subscribers?


Here are 7 sources shared from Chris Garrett to start with:


1.  Your blog – Content is a fantastic way to reach subscribers. Give them great content followed by a call to action to tell them why they should subscribe.


2.  Forum postings – Many forums allow you to include links back to your own site. Instead of “here is my blog / home page”, put “get tips and news right to your inbox by signing up to my newsletter”.


3.  Email signatures – Put the subscribe URL in your signature with a call to action


4.  Social Networking – Make sure you have a visible sign up form on all of your social networks-including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


5.  Incentives – There are three ways to get sign ups from utilizing free gifts:

  • Before – Subscriber bonus that you can’t get without giving your email address, Chris Garrett’s Flagship Content ebook is one example
  • After – Links in the document, video pages, and so on, encourage sign up but you do not need to opt-in to get the content. This is basically how blogs work and also “watch video one, opt-in to get part two”.
  • Before AND after – The most advanced is to give free, open content, get opt-in then reinforce subscription with further permissions. You want to build a deeper relationship, from reader, to subscriber, from subscriber to customer, and so on. Consider what I have been doing moving feed subscribers to email subscription by offering benefits over and above my daily content.


6.  Bloggers – Other bloggers are a great source of subscribers:

  • Reviews – They review your video, download, or other incentive, their readers click to get it and opt-in.
  • Links – Make your newsletter or incentive about a focused topic and bloggers will link it when talking about your topic.
  • Guest posts – Mention your newsletter in your attribution line “Sign up to get more tips like these …”.


7.  Paid – Advertising can be very effective but always test your ROI to make sure you are getting the best price per lead.


Always build on your success by monitoring, testing and tracking your subscriber sources and developing new routes to members.


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