How To Get More People to Open Your Emails

Here is how to get more people to open your emails and click through to your content



All you need to do is use the right words… the following trigger words, that are dramatically more powerful than others if you want to persuade people to take action.




Here are 17 Trigger words to use in your email marketing for getting your content read:


1. “You” is conversational, relaxed and direct; far more direct and engaging and it appeals to our natural self-interest.

2. Their NameWe all love the sound of our own names.

3. “Because”Reasons matter. If you can give people a strong enough reason to take action, they’ll take that action. And “because” is a powerful marker – it tells your reader “here comes a reason.”

4. “Yes”Using the word “yes” and other affirmations in your emails makes your readers feel empowered. It puts them in a positive state of mind.

5. “New”Why do our ears prick up at the slightest mention of something new? Use this to your advantage. In your email teaser find a way to position your post as brand new information. Or a new solution to an old problem.

6. “Discover” Taps into the same basic human desire for freshness and novelty as “new” but adds a sense of wonder and excitement. The idea of discovery brings with it a sense of awe on an epic scale.

7. “Stop”Makes us sit up and pay attention.  And you can use that to stop skimmers in their tracks and make them pay attention to your post.

8. “If”- Hypotheticals are intriguing. When incorporating “if” into your teaser email, you can use it to create desire for different possibilities.

9. “How”- is a powerful word, because it makes a promise: “You don’t know how to perform this task, but I do. And don’t worry, I’m going to show you.”

10. “Worse”is all about fear, perhaps the most primal human emotion. So use “worse” to build tension, anxiety, and agitation. Your post must offer a remedy.  It must offer to reverse the downward spiral. Because “worse” only works if you can convince readers you can make things better.

11. “Instantly”We tend to prioritize actions when there is an opportunity for instant rewards.  Use the same promise of immediate results in your teaser emails and your readers will be itching to click.

12. “Today”– appeals to the same need for immediate gratification as “instantly.” But “today” has more built-in credibility – it feels somehow more realistic.

13. “Everyone” If “everyone knows” something, then you can act like it’s true, right? If “everyone wants” something then it’s fine for your reader to want it too. “Everyone” is reassuring because it tells people that they’re normal – what they want is reasonable. And it’s persuasive – if everyone else thinks this is a good idea maybe you should too.

14. “Want” – “You want…” shows you understand your reader. It meets them where there are, rather than where you think they should be.

15. “Easy” – You harness the power of “easy” in two ways: one, by highlighting how “easy” (or fast) reading your blog post will be and, two, by focusing on how much easier your content will make their lives.

16. “Win” –  is a powerfully persuasive word to include in your emails. If you can show your readers what your post will help them to “win,” they’ll experience a powerful urge to be a winner.

17. P.S. (Postscript) – Most readers find a P.S. almost irresistible and for many it’s the first part of your email they’ll read. Think of the P.S. as a bonus chance to persuade your readers to read your post – use it to give them an extra reason to click.



Here’s the bottom line:


You work hard on your content, and you’ve sweated to build your list.  But if only a tiny percentage of your subscribers return to read your words, that time and effort has gone to waste. Worse, your blog is standing still because subscribers are drifting away as quickly as you can gain them.



It’s time to discover a new way to tempt subscribers to read your posts. Stop sending out emails without thinking carefully about the words you use. Because every word matters – and picking the right ones can instantly improve the effectiveness of your emails.



Start today by injecting POWER and PERSUASION with the above 17 trigger words into your emails.




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