How To Get On The Path To Live A Life Of Passion

Living Your Life With Passion








The Path To Live A Life Of Passion





Unlock Your True Calling With These 6 Steps To Passion And Fullfillment by Tiny Buddha’s Barrie Davenport





Even with something as personal and subjective as finding and living your life passion, you need a logical plan of action.








Step 1: Setting the Foundation

  • Discover more about who you are and what makes you tick, beyond just the superficial qualities.
  • This first step involves a more in-depth look at yourself, why you behave and respond the way you do, how you interact with others, and the type of intelligence that drives you.




Step 2: Defining Personal Qualities

  • Defining your most important and life-affirming personal qualities is key to uncovering your life passion.
  • This is where you will define exactly who you want to be within the context of all of your qualities.





Step 3: Creating a Purpose and Vision

  • After you’ve learned more about yourself, it’s important to step back from the details to see the bigger picture—the theme that pulls it all together and provides direction for your actions and decisions.
  • A life of passion needs direction, purpose, and vision to make it as rich and rewarding as it can possibly be.
  • A life passion supported by a greater purpose and propelled by a positive vision, is the stuff that dreams are made of.




Step 4: Overcoming Roadblocks

  • Over the years, through our experiences and life difficulties, we’ve accumulated layers of limiting beliefs, fears, difficult emotions, and unresolved issues.
  • We are out-of-balance and out-of-touch with our true selves underneath all of these old fears and beliefs.
  • But once you know how to address these fears and beliefs, they no longer have to stop you from finding or living your life passion.





Step 5: Understanding a New Mindset

  • When you set off on the path toward finding your passion, subtle changes begin to happen inside of you.
  • As you take an honest look at what has been blocking you from finding and living your passion, you begin to have some “ah ha” moments, some profound and evolutionary mind shifts.
  • As you reveal what you really want in life, and address some of the issues that have been holding you back, you get really, really clear on your priorities.
  • Putting up with things and people that waste your time and energy no longer is acceptable.





Step 6: Taking Daily Action

  • The next critical phase of your passion work is creating actions to make your passion a reality.
  • This involves research, experimentation, and careful planning.
  • It also involves flexibility and patience.
  • Most importantly, it involves taking daily action in the direction of your dream.
  • Finding your passion means nothing if you don’t find a way to live it!





The world needs more people who come alive with passion.





I know it is possible for you.





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