How to Get People Hooked on Your Blog

What you need to know to get people hooked on your blog and become loyal followers



We all have basically the same psychological machinery, triggering us to feel key emotional reactions under certain circumstances, so to get people hooked on your blog, you will need to understand these 3 psychological triggers first…..




“The most successful bloggers in the blogosphere trip all three of these loyalty triggers, enchanting visitors into becoming committed followers”……..says Katharine Di Cerbo,  (follow her blog here)




3 Loyalty Triggers That Help People To Get Hooked On Your Blog


Loyalty Trigger #1: Warmth

  • Blog visitors will be drawn to you if they perceive you to be appropriately warm.
  • Readers also instinctively sense that a warm person won’t try to mislead or manipulate them
  • If you can demonstrate a warm demeanor via your blog, you’ll transmit all of these positive feelings directly into the hearts of your readers – creating attachment and loyalty.


Loyalty Trigger #2: Competence

  • Your readers also want to feel confident that you are competent – that you know what you’re talking about.
  • Demonstrating competence both directly (by showing expertise) and indirectly (by showcasing endorsements from others) is critical to winning reader loyalty.


Loyalty Trigger #3: Relevance

  • Ever stumbled across a blog on your favorite topic only to quickly feel a lack of connection?
  • When a blogger displays deep insight into her visitors’ challenges, goals, views and experiences, she pulls the third loyalty trigger – relevance – and readers do feel a connection and want to stick around.
  • If you make your readers feel understood, and show them your content is relevant to their lives, you’ll successfully place the final piece in the loyalty jigsaw puzzle.


You can put all these triggers to work for you and get people hooked on your blog, just by utilizing the following 7 psychological tricks as explained by Katharine Di Cerbo, in her blog post7 Psychological Tricks for Turning Fleeting Visitors into Loyal Fans”



1) Tell Stories from Your Reader’s Perspective

  • Loyalty Trigger: Relevance
  • When you tell a story from your perspective, readers must take the extra step of relating it back to their own experience before they can fully connect with it.
  • Cut out your I’s and me’s and tell stories from the reader’s perspective
  • So the majority of your posts (and especially their openings) should be written from the perspective of readers themselves.
  • That way, your content will feel relevant from the get-go.


2) Sprinkle Your Writing with Success Stories

  • Loyalty Trigger: Competence
  • Genuine competence leaves success in its wake.
  • People follow the advice and they get results.
  • Fortunately, you don’t have to prove that you’re worthy of a Nobel prize to get readers to trust that you know what you’re talking about.
  • Even small examples where your ideas made a difference in people’s lives will trip off the competence trigger.
  • Whether you start modestly or boldly, telling readers about people whose lives have improved because of your ideas is a rock-solid way to get readers hooked on your blog.


3) Show Your Readers How You’re Just Like Them

  • Loyalty Triggers: Warmth, Relevance
  • As bloggers, we can get so caught up in the process of creating great content that we lose sight of the fact that we’re writing to connect with people.
  • We forget to appeal to them on a more personal level, and by neglecting to highlight common ground we introduce a subtle barrier that diminishes the human connection – and undermines loyalty.
  • Fortunately, you already have at least one major thing in common with your blog readers – an interest in your blog topic.
  • Show readers you’re just like them with the following approaches:
  • First, use the words “us” and “we” in your writing more frequently.
  • Highlight the things you have in common with your readers and you’ll appear warmer and more relevant.
  • Remind them you were in their shoes not long ago and you’ll multiply the effect.


4) Credit Your Influencers

  • Loyalty Trigger: Competence
  • As a blogger, the pressure to appear as though you know everything about your topic can feel intense.
  • The truth is, research shows that people who pretend to be islands of knowledge appear 20%–30% less competent than people who give others credit.
  • This is because truly competent people know that it’s impossible to figure everything out alone.
  • So go ahead and give credit to your influencers.
  • You’ll actually trip off, not undermine, the competence trigger.
  • Chances are that many of your blog posts are inspired in part by the work of others.
  • To get started giving credit to your influencers, all you have to do is start mentioning the books, articles, blog posts, documentaries, classes and conversations that help you craft each new post and link to them.
  • Giving credit to others won’t make you look inferior or like a copycat.
  • On the contrary, you’ll appear savvy and strategic, and people will want to join you for the journey.


5) Display a Strategic and Prominent Personal Photo

  • Loyalty Triggers: Warmth, Competence
  • The right personal photo can inspire feelings in your visitors that are difficult to create with words.
  • This is because we are naturally drawn to certain physical qualities, such as a confident smile and a relaxed expression.
  • These attributes serve as cues for the warmth and competence triggers, stimulating feelings of loyalty.
  • If you take the time to find and position the perfect photo, you’ll make an impression on your readers as warm and competent visually as well as intellectually, doubling your impact.


6) Use Comment Replies to Show Empathy and Consistency

  • Loyalty Triggers: Warmth, Competence, Relevance
  • Reader comments present a prime opportunity to activate all three loyalty triggers.
  • Showing empathy and being consistent will help you be seen as warm, competent and relevant to your audience so make sure in the first couple of days after your post is published, you respond to comments as quickly as you can.
  • By responding promptly and consistently, even with very short replies, you display two of the most potent indicators of warmth – reliability and integrity.
  • If a reader takes the time to stop by and share a problem, make sure to empathize in your comment reply by reflecting their frustration back to them insightfully.
  • If a commenter writes something that doesn’t resonate with you, strive to see their point of view, but if you still disagree, politely remain firm and thank them for stopping by and adding to the conversation.


7) Let Your Readers’ Motivational Style Drive Your Headlines

  • Loyalty Triggers: Competence, Relevance
  • Generally speaking, people are primarily motivated by one of two things:
  • Rewards – i.e., gaining value
  • Self-protection – i.e., avoiding harm
  • If your headlines miss your readers’ core motivational style, your content won’t feel strongly relevant to them.
  • Once you’ve categorized your readership, match your post headlines to your typical reader’s motivation style.
  • Adjusting your headlines to emphasize either rewards or self-protection (depending on your audience) will pull the competence and relevance loyalty triggers and keep readers clicking on your posts time and time again.



You put your heart and soul into your blog, and you deserve a loyal audience.  


Remember, that the right kind of connection will transform fleeting visitors into regular readers.  By demonstrating warmth, competence and relevance through the deliberate blogging behaviors described above, you’ll finally start attracting readers who choose to stick around.  And the best thing?  It really just boils down to learning how to communicate the best version of you to your readers – your kindest, most skillful, reliable and empathetic self.


Keep practicing these techniques, little by little, and you’ll experience first-hand the beauty of making powerful connections with your readers, inspiring long-lasting loyalty.  Visitors will become addicted to your blog, your audience will swell, and you can finally leave those small-time bloggers in the dust.



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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47 Replies to “How to Get People Hooked on Your Blog”

  1. Amazing tips to build loyal readers. All this things are very important to have a successful blog. Thanks for sharing!

    By the you have a mention in my latest post mam.

    Happy Blogging!

  2. Warmth is the one area that I try to focus on Joan, because I want visitors to know that there is real human being writing away. 🙂

    Interestingly, the posts where my Muse Miss Coco joins me or where I talk of crazy incidents from my daily life do get noticed. So yes, being human and a warm one is important along with the other factors.

  3. So much great information. I think I write from my perspective to often, and need to write from my audiences’ like you mentioned. I really want that connection to be there. Thank you, Joan.

  4. Hey Joan,

    Valuable information. Warmth makes sense. I have always gone for enthusiastic and eager writer, which I have plenty of. However I can come across as an over excitable child/adult at times. When I visit other blogs I am looking for competence and reliability.

    I use a lot of ‘I’ and ‘me’ – which I will be more mindful of. Generally when I am writing about something negative. I do like story telling to get my point across. I always attempt to create pictures or images in the minds of others.

    This informative post has lots of gems in it to follow. Thank you.


    1. Hey Rachel 🙂

      Thank you! Yes having that Warmth does make so much sense when it comes to our readers 🙂 So glad you enjoyed the post and found some “gems” that you can follow 🙂 Nice to see you again 🙂

  5. Yes to all these three points being very important, Joan. My intention in writing is to always use my humanness as the draw for my posts. Everyday topics that we all are faced with and can relate to, hopefully making them relevant as well. Because I am a lifestyle writer, I would say that the competence comes from living and be open and willing to share experiences. That is what I hope I am doing and telling stories, seems to draw people in and question their own lives in the process of reading. This is a great post for those wanting to get real with their writing and building a following who relates to them as well.

  6. warmth, competence,and relevance are a powerful combo! Writing for your readers’ perspective is key here, as you point out. I’d also add that consistency is important – that way your audience knows they can count on hearing from you on a regular basis. Great post filled with tons of helpful hints.

  7. Hey Joan,

    Well I can definitely relate to what Katharine shared so thanks for highlighting the main points of her post.

    I’ve learned the power of what she’s shared and being able to help your readers connect with you is huge. While I’ll oftentimes use myself as an example I try to relate to others as well. I definitely do not come across as a know it all and am usually embarrassed when people refer to me as an expert. I definitely understand those stats you mentioned which is why everyone should always reference their resources.

    Great tips Joan, thanks for sharing them and I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.


  8. Once again, an awesome blog rich with great useful content. We just switched my profile to a logo for a few reasons, therefore our warmth will have to come from our writing. My style is conversational except when doing a fashion style blog. Blogging is a work in progress. Who knew as jewelry designers we would have to become bloggers too.

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