How To Get Your Focus Back

Do You Need To Get Your Focus Back On Track?







Here Are 5 Strategies To Help You Get Your Focus Back







Does this sounds like you?






“I am suffering from information overload!”




There is SO much information out there……from free information on blogs and in articles to courses ranging from $27 to $7500 (or more) there is no lack of information. 





So why aren’t you succeeding online?





“While there are almost certainly many reasons why people are generally not achieving their goals online, I believe a big factor (maybe the #1 factor) is this……We live in a distracted world”…..says Charlie Page





  “We are led to believe that “multitasking” will help us get more done when in fact multitasking is often part of the problem.   It’s simply not in our DNA to read email, talk on the phone, visit websites all at the same time”…..says Charlie





Something is going to suffer quality-wise when we try to do many things at once.






So what is the answer?









Here are Charlie Page’s 5 strategies for getting your focus back




#1   Decide what you really want to do

Focus – Choose one method and master it.

  • In the story of every successful person there is a moment where that person is tempted to move away from what made them successful and “branch out”  into new things.
  • Resist that urge with all your might.

  • Stick with the marketing method you choose long enough to master it. 
  • There is no “marketing gene”  you lack — if I can do this you can do this.


The fact is, no one can do everything well….in fact, it takes focus and commitment to hang in there long enough to learn the skills needed to succeed online.


You need a recipe (a plan) and some skills and some practice in order to succeed……if you stick with it you will succeed and then freedom will be yours……just give yourself time to succeed, because it simply takes time.




#2    Create “focus blocks”

  • Focus blocks are simply short periods of time where you focus in like a laser on one task.
  • Extreme focus creates extreme results.
  • Focus completely on one task for five minutes and get as much done as you can.




#3    Avoid distractions

  • If you are like most people, the moment you try to focus is the moment the flood of thoughts comes rushing in.
  • Here are three ways to combat distractions during your focus blocks.

    1. Put the world on notice – Let everyone who might interrupt you know that you simply are not available for the next period of time.
    2. Close extra programs – Close everything, and I do mean everything, except what you are working on.
    3. Write down thoughts – Thoughts will often drift into your mind (or even flood!) as you are trying to focus. When they do, take a moment to write them down briefly.





# 4     Use what you buy

  • Once you have identified what you intend to do it’s time to assemble the tools you will need

    • Make a list of the tools you own now – The key here is to make a categorized list of the software, books and memberships you own now.

    • Choose what gets you toward your goal – Separate out the tools and resources you have that are about the topic you intend to focus on.

    • Pick the one resource you feel is the best and fully use that first.

  • Use one product fully – Once you have chosen your top resource, get into it and study like your life depended on it.




# 5    Maintain your focus

  • You already know that the Internet is full of shiny objects. 
  • Videos that promise easy riches.
  • Sales letters that make it seem so easy.
  • And those blasted Clickbank screenshots (many are fake) showing what you wish your Clickbank account looked like.

  • It’s time to say no to the hype.

  • Common sense alone tells us that the “three click” “no work” “newbie perfect” solutions aren’t real  but we keep on buying.



We hope against hope that this time it will work.



This time we will get the help we need.



This time it will be different.




Fact is that nothing replaces focus and good old fashioned work.





If you do these things every day you will experience a freedom you can only now imagine, and freedom is a beautiful thing!









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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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