How To Grow Your Blog Audience

Do you know how to GROW your blog audience?





If you THINK you know, but are NOT doing the following, then you may be in for a HUGE surprise 🙂  So, you want to attract MORE readers to your blog and need a few ideas to keep visitors coming back to your blog for more, right?





Here is how YOU can do that…..


In today’s post, I share the 6 Ways To Grow Your Blog Audience, by Kristi Hines, (a contributing editor for Social Media Examiner) that will help you to grow your blog audience the right way, because, no matter what kind of awesome content you are putting out, what is the point if NO ONE READS IT?


1.  Promote Your Content

  • The best way to grow your blog audience is to promote your content.
  • Promote every post you publish as much as possible.


2.  Publish on a Consistent Schedule

  • You know you need to publish quality content on your blog.
  • But it’s also important to publish quality content on a consistent schedule.
  • You should publish a new blog post at least once a week.
  • If readers expect a new blog post at a certain time, that will keep them on the lookout for it.
  • They’ll know that if they go to your blog once a week, they’ll be greeted with new content.
  • If they go back to your blog and never see new content, they probably won’t return.


3. Offer Multiple Ways to Subscribe

  • Email shouldn’t be the only subscription option that you offer.
  • It may also be helpful to create a specific page on your blog that explains your subscription options.
  • While people in the marketing industry tend to be tech-savvy, beginners might need a better explanation of the benefits of subscribing by email, RSS or a social network.
  • If you aren’t averse to pop-ups, you can also employ exit-intent technology to display a pop-up asking for visitors to subscribe before they leave your blog.


4. Show Off More of Your Content

  • Visitors who enter your blog through your homepage should see lots of content options.
  • Make sure that visitors to individual post pages get to see related content and are encouraged to read more posts.
  • Ideally, you want to have a list of related posts next to and at the end of each blog post.
  • If your blog has a minimalist design, simply refer to related blog posts using text links throughout your content.
  • These links should compel visitors to click through to more of your content since it relates to the current blog post.


5. Get Content Ideas From Visitors

  • Want to know how to get visitors to keep coming back to your blog?
  • Let them know that you want to create content just for them.
  • You can do this by adding a quick survey feature to your blog like survey monkey
  • A survey not only helps you learn more about what your visitors want, but also ensures that you won’t run out of topic ideas.
  • And once visitors submit a topic idea, hopefully they’ll subscribe to your blog so they can see if you use their suggestion for new content.


6. Allow Comments

  • Allowing visitors to leave comments on your blog turns a site with informational articles into a community.
  • Visitors will know they can ask the author questions and interact with other readers, making them more likely to return.
  • To encourage visitors to become loyal readers and members of your community, be sure to ALWAYS reply to comments on your blog after a post has been published.




By following the above 6 tips and creating quality content, your blog audience should begin growing in no time….and the key is to think of more ways to keep new visitors on your blog longer and get them to subscribe BEFORE they go.




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  1. Sandy SK says:

    These are great tips on how to grow your blog audience. Where would one go to get a pop up to ask readers to subscribe to our blogs?

  2. Hello Joan, All your tips are right on the mark my friend! I do thin #5 is something I need to work on.. Asking what my readers want just makes so much sense.

    Great Share. Thanks Chery :))

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