How To Have A Successful Coaching Business

What you need to know to having a successful and thriving coaching business


I don’t recommend coaching anyone for free, even if you’re just starting out. It’s much better to take on clients that are paying, no matter what they’re paying. Even if they’re not paying very much, they are still more invested. They REALLY want the coaching.


You want to coach people who ARE motivated for change.



The truth is there are millions of people who are motivated for change—deeply motivated for change—right now. So instead of just trying to coach anybody, you want to coach the people who ARE already hungry for change. Coach the people who want coaching. Coach the people who WANT change.


People don’t actually buy coaching because they want coaching. People buy coaching because they WANT RESULTS.


People don’t pay for coaching; they PAY FOR RESULTS.


Here are Christian Mickelsen’s 3 critical success factors for having a thriving, financially successful coaching business:


1. You have to be able to help your clients produce results.

  • Ultimately, it’s the client’s responsibility to produce those results.
  • It’s not our responsibility; it’s the client’s responsibility.
  • But we need to keep our coaching focused on the results that the client wants.
  • Results are inevitable if people are willing to do the work.
  • If you keep taking action and you keep working on your inner game stuff and you never give up, you will achieve your results.
  • It’s just a matter of time.
  • For some people, things happen really fast.
  • For others, things take a little longer.
  • Having a coach just speeds that process along.
  • Coaching keeps them focused, keeps them on track, keeps challenging them, and doesn’t let them off the hook or just fall back into their old ways.


2. You’ve got to be able to generate coaching leads (i.e. find the people who want change).

  • You’ve got to be able to find the people who already want change, and generate leads of people who raise their hand and say, “Yes, I want help with change.”


3. You’ve got to be able to convert those leads into clients.

  • You have to have a way to turn those people who want coaching into people who are paying for coaching.
  • You want to do that for them more than for you.
  • The value that they’re going to get for changing their lives, growing their businesses or whatever kind of coaching they are hiring you for, this value is much greater than the value of the money they’re going to pay.
  • No matter what you charge, the value is greater because results are really priceless.



Remember, People don’t actually buy coaching because they want coaching. People buy coaching because they WANT RESULTS.  People don’t pay for coaching; they PAY FOR RESULTS.



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  1. I have heard from many coaches over the years but they never discuss the points you just did. It’s the results that matter and the person must want to successfully achieve those results. Wonderful post.

  2. Hey sweetie, great post and I’ve actually interviewed Christian Mickelsen and from my own experience coaching others and being coached, you have to know and explain the transformation they will get by working with you, then you have to market that to those that as you say – ‘are ready’

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