How To Have A Successful Routine

Do You Have A Successful Routine?









What You Need To Know To Have A Successful Routine





**A Routine is a sequence of actions regularly followed.**







Finding the right balance in your routine can make a huge impact on your personal and professional life.





Even the smallest change can make a huge impact on your success.




What changes have you made to your routine that have positively affected you in your personal and professional relationships?




Consider these questions as you think about the changes you have made….


  • Did waking up earlier to have more “quiet time” help motivate you?

  • Run, walk, or mediate, did changing your exercise routine increase your productivity level?

  • Does answering emails before lunch affect your business or personal relationships positively?

  • Were brainstorming or problem solving sessions more effective after restructuring meetings?

  • Does taking one hour to discover something new every day help you strengthen your expertise?







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Simply recommend the strategies, methods, and other changes to your routine that made the biggest impact on your success.




  • Readers love to read about overcoming adversity to achieve success.
  • Open up about the trials you faced prior to your success.
  • Introduce how changing your routine (big or small) positively impacted your ability to succeed and how it can help your readers too.



List Routine Changes

  • Provide a list of routine changes that you made.
  • In 2-3 sentences, describe how to best implement the change and the outcome of the change.




  • Recap how the routine changes will positively affect your readers’ success.





Article Templates can help you easily organize your thoughts and ideas.



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