How To Have Successful Flagship Content

Successful Flagship Content










What You Must Know For Your Own Successful Flagship Content





Your killer content will be your own, unique, valuable creation.







Here are 10 valuable tips for successful flagship content by Chris Garrett…..








1.  Be Remarkable

  • If you want to be remarked upon you need to be remarkable.
  • Same old, me-too isn’t going to cut it.
  • Think how your content is going to be superior, more useful, in more depth, better researched, attractively presented, just plain cooler than anything else out there.



2.  Magnetic Headlines

  • Spend good time creating the perfect headlines and link captions.
  • You have seconds to convince your audience the content is worth looking at.
  • Compel them onwards with a really effective title.



3.  Easy to grasp

  • Be clear what your resource is about and communicate it clearly.



4.  Friendly URL

  • If your visitor can not copy and paste the URL into email, or tell someone over the phone, they will not be able to pass on word of mouth no matter how good it is or how much they would like to.



5.  Immediate and obvious benefit

  • You have seconds to win over your reader, don’t delay, get to the good stuff and send them away smiling.



6.  Hype to a minimum

  • There is far too much BS floating around the blogosphere right now, the hype dial has been shifted up to 11.
  • Counter that with real benefits plainly written.



7.  Prominent placement

  • Don’t hide your jewels, have it open where everyone can see it and link from everywhere, your homepage, your side bar, your about page, under each post, in your footer … get the picture?



8.  No barriers

  • This is not the time to put in password protection or a sign up page.
  • Do all that once you have the reader high on your content, begging for just more hit.



9.  Quality control

  • Grammar might not hold you back but every little piece of polish will help.
  • This is a journey, Flagship Content is a foundation, not the end.



10.  Close the deal

  • Keep them while you have them – At the end of your resource give more links to related content, sell them on your subscription, show your registration page, even your search page, whatever, just don’t leave your visitor dangling when they are primed and ready to sign up to whatever you have on offer.





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To Your Success,
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