How To Increase Your Blog Subscription Rate Today

Increase Your Blog Subscription Rate









How To Increase Your Blog Subscription Rate






There’s an action that almost every blogger wants his or her users to take.




“Most of these bloggers use a single word to convince readers to take this action”…..says author, Willy Franzen, CopyBlogger.




They use this word because other bloggers use it.




Do you know what that word is?








Subscriptions generally cost money.






Think about that for a second…..






What Does It Mean to Subscribe?

  • “to pledge, as by signing an agreement, to give or pay (a sum of money) as a contribution, gift, or investment.”





Are you being completely clear with your word choice?



You want your readers to sign up for a free service because every time one of them does, your blog becomes a little bit more valuable (and you get a small ego boost).



You need to make it absolutely clear to these people that it costs nothing more than a few seconds of time to get valuable content delivered directly to them via RSS or e-mail.




Understanding Your Word Association

  • The percentage of readers who misunderstand what you mean when you ask them to subscribe is largely dependent on your niche.
  • A good measure of reader savviness is a blog’s split between RSS and e-mail subscribers – the higher the percentage of RSS subscribers, the more savvy the readership.
  • “From what I’ve heard from other bloggers this is well above average, and I believe that my percentage of e-mail subscribers would be even higher had less savvy readers not been scared off because they thought “subscribing” would cost them money”…….says  author, Willy Franzen, CopyBlogger.

  • These are the readers who think of magazines when they hear “subscribe.”
  • They think of paying to get something.




Readers who know what RSS is probably aren’t confused by the terminology, but most web users have no clue about RSS.





Words Make All the Difference

  • Very small changes in word choice based on well-thought-out theories can have a significant influence on the actions that you urge your readers to take.






It’s results that matter.




Just changing one word on your blog can make all the difference in the world when it comes to increasing your blog subscribers…..





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