How To Increase Your Website Conversions

Increasing Your Website Conversions













How To Increase Your Website Conversions





Here Are 3 Must-Haves from HubSpot For Increasing Your Website Conversions





You don’t want your visitors  leaving without providing some information or else you will lose the opportunity to nurture them until they are ready to buy.




You want to get your visitors to convert from a prospect into a lead…’s how…..










1. Make Sure You Have An Effective Call To Action

  • The effect of a successful Call to Action (CTA) is to drive a visitor to take a desired action.
  • They need to be in clear sight on your page so visitors know where to take the next step.
  • CTAs are the key to lead generation but they need to be done right to convert traffic into leads.
  • Make them bigger and bolder than most other elements on the page, but don’t overdo it.
  • Consider colors of the CTA, whether it is a link, button or image.
  • Make them look so good people will want to click on them.
  • Less is more.…..Keep it simple and clear what is being offered.



2.   Landing Pages

  • A “Landing Page” or sometimes called a  “Lead Capture Page,” are used to convert visitors into leads by completing a transaction or by collecting contact information from them.
  • A landing page consists of:
  • A headline and (optional) subheadline
  • A brief description of the offer/CTA
  • At least one supporting image
  • (Optional) supporting elements such as testimonials or security badges
  • And most importantly, a form to capture information
  • Landing pages direct your visitors to one particular offer without the distractions of everything else on your website.
  • Visitors are on a landing page for one and only purpose: to complete the lead capture form!



3.   Forms

  • Forms are the key to an effective landing page.
  • Without them, there is nothing for the visitor to do on that page.
  • Forms come in handy when it’s time for people to sign-up, subscribe to your site or download an offer.
  • The fewer fields you have in a form, the more likely you will receive more conversions.
  • This is because with each new field you add to a form, it creates more work for the visitor and fewer conversions.
  • Please don’t use the word “SUBMIT” on your form buttons!
  • No one wants to submit anything.






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