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No Matter What Your Leadership Style Is….You Can Do These 5 Things To Inspire




Forget the stereotypical leadership image of a buttoned-up person in a gray suit hauling around a hefty briefcase.




Today, standout leaders come in all shapes and sizes.




“What really matters is that leaders are able to create enthusiasm, empower their people, instill confidence and be inspiring to the people around them” – says Peter Handal, chief executive of New York City-based Dale Carnegie Training







Here are Peter Handal’s 5 strategies that great leaders do every day.




1. Face challenges.

  • Great leaders are brave enough to face up to challenging situations and deal with them honestly.
  • Whether it’s steering through a business downturn or getting struggling employees back on track, effective leaders meet these challenges openly.


2. Win trust.

  • When people know that you aren’t going to berate them and that you have their best interests at heart, they’re going to trust you


3. Be authentic.

  • If you’re not a suit, don’t try to be one.
  • Employees and others dealing with your company will be able to tell if you’re just pretending to be someone you’re not
  • Have a passion for funky shoes?
  • Wear them.
  • Are you an enthusiastic and hilarious presenter?
  • Get them laughing.
  • Use your strengths and personality traits to develop your personal leadership style


4. Earn respect.

  • When you conduct yourself in an ethical way and model the traits you want to see in others, you earn the respect of those around you.
  • Leaders who are perceived as not “walking their talk” typically don’t get very far.
  • Customers are less likely to do business with a company if they don’t respect its values or leadership.


5. Stay curious.

  • Good leaders remain intellectually curious and committed to learning.
  • They’re inquisitive and always looking for new ideas, insights and information.
  • The best leaders understand that innovation and new approaches can come from many places and are always on the lookout for knowledge or people who might inform them and give them an advantage.
  • “The most successful leaders I know are truly very curious people. They’re interested in the things around them and that contributes to their vision,” Handal says.




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