How To Keep Your Readers On Your Website Or Blog

Keep Your Readers On Your Website Or Blog














Losing Your Readers From Your Website Or Blog?





An article can build up your platform by promoting your authority as a leading source in your niche, but your website needs to maintain their interest.




Here’s how to maintain your readers attention on your website or blog using these 7 tips from Ezine Articles…..







Give the design of your website a little love with these 7 tips.









1.  Navigation

  • Your website’s curb appeal also needs functional design.
  • Be visually appealing and ensure everything has an appropriate place on your website for easy navigation.
  • Avoid placing too many calls to action via excessive ads, links, etc. by ensuring your visitor clearly knows where to go because each page is unique and the website flows consistently.



2.  Content

  • Is your website ready to meet your visitor’s cravings for content?
  • Ebooks, articles, newsroom, connected social media, newsletters, etc. – provide fresh, quality, transparent, and original content.
  • From press releases to video to competitions, there are countless mediums or strategies to create a content rich website.
  • Test them to find those that best reach and engage your audience.



3.  Contact

  • Have you ever hunted for a company’s phone number, email, mailing address, or at least a contact form, only to give up?
  • Put yourself in your visitors’ shoes.
  • If they want to contact you, that is huge!
  • Include a Contact Us page with the necessary information so you provide a good user experience and start a healthy conversation.



4.  Search

  • Many content-oriented websites have tons of content and it can frazzle a visitor’s composure if they have to click excessively to reach the content they need.
  • Include accurate search fields in your website design to help visitors quickly find what they’re looking for – don’t forget to test it, as common search terms that come back with 0 results can be frustrating.
  • Make sure it works!



5.  Social

  • Be inviting with a comfortable “social place” for visitors to meet.
  • Social media gains more traction with users every day – list the social media sites you’re active on so your visitors can more easily connect with you on their terms.
  • Some of your visitors may be specific and prefer to communicate with you or your brand via a different site, so having these sites listed on your pages is a must.



6.  Reviews and Testimonials

  • Provide visitors with reviews and testimonials to help increase trust and your authority.
  • Ask customers, clients, or “neighbors” (your peers) to provide reviews and testimonials of your organization, product, and services – it never hurts to ask and it’s great feedback that you can use to improve your organization.



7.  Blog

  • Allow your style and personality to shine with more personalized tips and insights on your blog to make your information, services, or products memorable.
  • A blog also helps visitors open up to discussion, helps you find out what they need or want, and deepens their engagement by providing opportunities to say, “Great points!
  • It’s great you’re discussing this, I have the perfect product for you!”





Study your website and consider the user experience from your visitor’s perspective.

  • Do you (as a visitor) feel comfortable?
  • Is there enough engaging content?
  • Will you want to return?
  • If not, then try any or all of the above tips to improve the design of your website to make it user friendly and maintain the interest of your visitors.






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  1. Ok, first off I gotta say, I luv your blog.

    Now let’s talk about this topic because it is so on point for anyone looking to make money online. All 7 of these tips are spot on and as far as I’m concerned absolutely necessary for a successful website/blog in today’s internet environment.

    I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have gone to someone’s website or blog and thought “what in the world…” But I guess they have to learn just as I am learning on a daily basis.

    Thanks for an awesome post Joan 🙂

    Warm Regards,
    Terry Henry
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    1. Thank you Terry 🙂 I really appreciate your warm comments my friend!!! You are so right, keeping your readers on your website is so important, and so many do not know how…………

      Take care

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