How To Kick Your Life Into High Gear Successfully

Successfully Kick Your Life Into High Gear








4 Tips To Successfully Kick Your Life Into High Gear





Secret Key:  “Success isn’t just doing certain things, though we will certainly do certain things to become a certain kind of person.”  says Chris Widener





What kind of person you are is what determines your success in life.




Yes, you can do right things and achieve a certain level of success, but not the kind of success that Chris writes about in his article “Success Lesson: 4 Points For Kicking Your Life Into High Gear.”   – true life success.





Here are the 4 tips to help you kick your life into high gear successfully by Chris Widener….Enjoy!





1. Become a person of Vision…

  • Vision is the grand scheme that we relentlessly pursue.
  • Vision is the goal we aim for.
  • The successful person has a fully developed vision of their destination.
  • Do YOU know where you are going? 
  • Ask your self these questions and let the answers begin to shape the vision you have for your life. 
  • The Tests of Vision
  • – Is it Clear?
  • – Is it Concise?
  • – Is it Inspiring?
  • – Is it Achievable?
  • – Is it Easy to Memorize?


The tighter and clearer the vision you have for your life, the sooner you will kick your life into high gear!





2. Become a person of Passion…

  • Passion is the burning of the heart. 
  • It is the unbridled running amuck of the emotions.
  • It is the overwhelming desire  to accomplish your goal.
  • It transcends the mental assent to a set of ideals.
  • It drives and thrusts you  toward your goal.
  • You MUST  have it!
  • The truths of the mind are driven by the passion of the heart.
  • Fuel the passion for life  that resides deep within your soul.





3. Become a person of Priorities…

  • People with an extraordinary ability  to know what the right thing to do is and to actually do it in a timely fashion.
  • Discern what the important things are that you must involve yourself in so as to have the life you want.
  • Then relentlessly live out of those priorities.
  • Say “no” to everything else!





4. Become a person of Excellence…

  • People who live life in high gear, succeeding in every area of life, are people who place a high emphasis  on and strive for excellence in every area of life.
  • Good just won’t do.
  • The best  is the target.
  • They are people who want, and live for, excellence in their work, their play, their finances, their relationships – everything!





Do you long for a life lived in high gear?





One that is filled with joy and achievement?




It is possible!




Give some time to contemplate how you can make changes in the next few days and weeks in the following areas and see if your life doesn’t kick into high gear!


– Vision
– Passion
– Priorities
– Excellence




They are yours for the taking!





Go get ‘em!





Chris Widener is an internationally recognized speaker, and best-selling author. Learn more about the Ultimate Success Series By Chris Widener.




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To Your Success,
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