How To Know If You Have A Successful Online Presence

Do You Have A Successful Online Presence?











Online Presence…..What Does It Mean To You








A successful online presence is all about relationships built on trust.









Article writing and content marketing is all about developing a relationship between you and your audience.



Think of search engines as the “third wheel” in your relationship with your audience.




“If you’re head over heels compatible with your audience and they willingly broadcast your message, then there’s no doubt search engines will tag along for a ride”…….says Vanessa, Editorial Manager of Ezine Articles.









Give Your Audience a Reason to Stay

  • Don’t beg; “be cool.”
  • Build a platform with a natural charisma that readers are drawn to because it piques their interest, meets their needs, and fosters a powerful want.
  • The first step is to get your website ready for new and current visitors by encouraging them to stay longer and return.

Use these tips:

  1. Ensure your website is relevant to your current audience and new visitors’ needs and wants.
  2. Remove frustrating practices like pop ups, infinite scrolling, and automatic video or audio.
  3. Increase transparency by providing background information about you and your organization.
  4. Anticipate questions from your audience with an easily accessible FAQ page.
  5. Establish an informative and engaging blog to give your visitors professional and personable insight.
  6. Add an opt-in near high-traffic areas of your website to build a list of subscribers.
  7. Provide fresh content (e.g., as posts, ebooks, and videos) consistently and incrementally.
  8. Ensure your website is welcoming, fast, and overall meets the expectations of your audience.
  9. Illustrate a clear call-to-action on each page whether promotional or directional.
  10. Delineate yourself from competitors with a clear unique value proposition.




Turn Your Audience Into Broadcasters

  • Your next step is to encourage your audience to willingly broadcast your message, whether passively (based on their own interest) or actively (based on their loyalty to you).
  • Whether it’s you, your content, your products or services, or your blog or website, broadcasting is done by continually spreading or popularizing a message quickly and widely via person-to-person communication.

Use these tips to give your audience  incentive to share your message:

  • Publish articles and guest write on relevant reputable websites or blogs and make it known by sharing it on social media.
  • Make meaningful connections on social media by creating relevant statements that pique your audience’s interest.
  • Pose questions that instigate responses beyond yes/no answers to cultivate discussions.
  • Share your articles, your peers’ and mentors’ articles, and other relevant newsworthy stories.
  • Encourage bookmarking, memberships, and rewards to maintain reader interest.
  • Continue growing your presence as a credible expert by writing a book, facilitating webinars, or more.
  • Stay positive, project success, and remain confident at all times (even if you communicate your past failures as a means to build trust).




Your bottom line

  • Consider every avenue possible to cultivate and foster your credibility.
  • Wield it confidently to draw in an audience.
  • Continue nourishing them with quality, informative content to broadcast.




By building a loyal audience that is hungry for your quality message, products, or services, you’ll catch the eye of publishers, organizations, and search engines as well as weather any storm they may send your way.





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