How To Make Money Blogging

You Can Make Money Blogging.


“So you want to make a living teaching other people what you know?  Nothing wrong with that”……..says Jon Morrow, BoostBlogTraffic


You love blogging. Maybe it is even a hobby, but the truth is, it’s your passion.

  • It doesn’t matter what your blog is about,  the point is, you get to write about the thing you care about the most. And it turns out, you’re pretty good at it.
  • You have readers.
  • People actually care what you have to say.
  • You’re discovering a community that you never knew existed — people who share your passion.
  • It’s an amazing thing.


But you know what would make it even more amazing?  If you could make money blogging…….sharing your passion and getting PAID to do just that.


My goal with this post is to help you cut through the noise, by understanding the best practices and find the method of monetization that works the best for you – that will stand the test of time.


“If you want to build a blog business, it’s better to focus not on traffic but on an audience. When you build your blog with the intention of creating an engaged audience that connects with you and wants to interact with you, you’ve got a much better chance of making real income through your blog”……..says Danny, Firepole Marketing.


Having an engaged audience is one of the best strategies around for sustainable monetization, you have to build it with your end goals in mind.


So, my question to you is this:  Why are you blogging at all? And what are your real goals for your blog?


Before you even think about how you’re going to make money, you need to make sure your blog is really ready for the big time.  That means, first you need to understand these 3 essential principles that every profitable blog have in common so you can build a solid foundation for your blog as well. 


The 3 essential principles of a money-making blog are:

  1. Your blog needs a unifying theme so your readers know what to expect
  2. Your blog needs a good design and user experience, so that means get your own domain and hosting so your blog looks professional
  3. Most importantly, Your blog needs an audience


So, now that you know the 3 essentials that you need on your blog for a great foundation, let’s talk about “How Do You ACTUALLY Make Money From Your Blog”?  First of all you need to remember…..You’re Not JUST a Blogger……You’re an expert, a teacher, a mentor, or even an entrepreneur.  Your blog is simply a  launchpad for all those things.


Look around, and you’ll find nearly all “bloggers” who make a decent income have books, courses, a side career as a keynote speaker, or even software.  That’s how they make money.


Here are 6 ideas that will get you started on your own blog:

1.  Build a Sales Funnel for Your Blog

  • A company entices you with a freebie, then they offer you something cheap but irresistible, and then they gradually sweet talk you into buying more and more expensive stuff. It’s a tried and true marketing tactic, and you should absolutely build a sales funnel for your blog.
  • What you might not know is you should build it in reverse.
  • A lot of bloggers launch a cheap e-book as their first product, and then they get frustrated when they don’t make much money. “Here’s why: the real profit is at the end of the funnel, not the beginning“.….says Jon (click here for a more detailed explanation)

2.  Delay the Sale

  • Another big shift in thinking: rather than trying to push everyone to buy your products upfront, smart bloggers delay the sale.
  • Instead of immediately clobbering readers with sales pitches, it’s much better to give them some content first and build trust before you begin talking about your products and services.
  • Yes, you’ll make less money in the short term, but the long-term profits go through the roof.

3.  Host a Webinar

  • Host a webinar because it is by far the most profitable thing you can do to get a more receptive audience who will buy your product or service.
  • Nothing else even comes close.
  • Webinars are also the most effective way to build your subscriber base.

4.  Promote The Crap Out of Your Content

  • The problem is almost no one promotes their content enough.
  • And by “promotion,” Jon Morrow is not talking about sharing your own posts on Twitter and Facebook.
  • He is talking about blogger outreach – the process of building relationships with influencers and asking them to share your work.

5.  Your Email List Is More Important Than Anything Else

  • The more subscribers you get, the more money you make.
  • To drive revenue, focus on email list growth.
  • To make money blogging, it’s absolutely essential.
  • From time to time, start offering your subscribers/your audience something they need and want where you solve their most pressing problems

6.Teach Others What You Learned

  • If people are ever going to respect blogging as a legitimate business model, those of us who are successful have to speak up and share what we’ve learned.



If you enjoyed this post and found TONS OF VALUE, please share this post so other people can see that you really can earn a legitimate income from blogging. Maybe reading this will even help them do it.


After all, isn’t that what we’re here as bloggers to do?


Help people?


To Your Success,
Joan Harrington




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0 Replies to “How To Make Money Blogging”

  1. Great Post indeed 🙂
    Making Money from blogging is not a simple task but you need to have more skill and more passions.
    Thanks for this awesome post.
    Have a great day 🙂

  2. Joan,
    This is excellent! The really cool thing about blogging (to me) is that there are no formulas, really. I keep learning new things every day. For example: I recently published a how-to, chicken-related post (no surprise). But instead of posting in the usual blogging groups, I did a quick search of Facebook chicken groups. To my surprise, there were dozens of them. I chose a few that looked active and sent my post to them, with a polite message asking the admin to share my post. Most did–voila! I made lots of new contacts, and got hundreds more views, and all it took me was (at most) an extra 15 or 20 minutes that day. This was a revelation to me. I’m really interested in what you said about webinars. Any resources that you might recommend, on how to make a webinar?

  3. Yes, I want to make a living teaching other people what I know. And, yes, I love blogging with my daughter about new recipes and the food I love to cook and enjoy with family and friends. My husband and son enjoy the food photography and my other son is our app developer. We all love our blog. So right now, I need to consider #3 and #4 in your list of ideas. Thanks for putting in an actually attainable plan. 🙂

  4. Excellent article! This is the first I’ve heard of “blogger outreach”. You’ve got me curious. I’m going to look more into this. Thanks again for a fantastic article.

  5. Hey Joan I love this post, I agree with the 3 essential principles of a money-making blog and the fact that you are not just a blogger but a teacher mentor and entrepreneur! Promoting – the process of building relationships with influencers and asking them to share your work. Great idea! How do you actually do it?


    1. Hi Vitaliy,
      Thanks so much for your awesome feedback and comment 🙂 Appreciate it! Yes we are more than just a blogger, we are teachers, mentors and entrepreneurs! Just daily consistency is all 🙂

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