How To Monetize Your Blog By Offering A Service

Monetize Your Blog By Offering A Service To Your Readers



“Creating a blog business is the best way to market these 3 types of online services, because your blog already gives you a built-in customer base”……says Danny, Firepole Marketing



So, what are the 3 types of online services you can monetize?

  • Freelance Services (writing or design)
  • Consulting (offer your knowledge)
  •  Coaching (using your experience and empathy to help people improve something about their lives)


Just about any type of service you can think of to offer online falls into one of these three categories. And pretty much any service can be sold through a blog built as an audience-based business.


Why Does This Model Work?

  • Your audience members already see you as an expert in your field.
  • They already know you and like you.
  • When you have a large audience who thinks you’re the very definition of awesomeness, you have to do very little marketing outside of your list.
  • You can sell your services on your blog and through your email list and quite possibly stay booked up without any other marketing efforts.
  • Your start-up costs are very low, compared to other businesses.
  • Assuming you have everything you need to perform your service, you will only need to make a small investment in setting up your blog.
  • You’ll have to invest time in building your audience, but your financial investment will be minimal.
  • As you build relationships with other bloggers and professionals, you can set up an affiliate program and offer commissions for referrals.
  • Once you’ve established a relationship and people trust you, they’ll be happy to send business your way in exchange for a commission.


When you’re ready to take on clients for your new service offering, it’s time to run a full campaign. Pull out all the stops and advertise your services on your blog and in your email list. If you’re satisfied that your service offering is completely ready, approach bloggers and professionals you know and ask


Use your blog, emails, and guest posts to get people into a sales funnel with an offer of a free consulting hour. The number of free consulting slots you give away should be determined by how many clients you’ll take on.  Make sure that you offer that same one hour consultation for a fee on your website, so that people who take you up on it realize its value and appreciate it as a gift.


Follow up with everyone who consults with you for the free hour. Don’t follow up once or twice. Capture their names and emails into an email list and keep in regular touch with them. Send them useful, interesting and enjoyable content and occasional offers for your services.


Wondering if selling your services are the right model for you? 

Selling your services works best if you’re an expert at something and your blog presents you as an expert in that topic. You can offer services with a relatively small audience and build your audience over time. As long as you’re charging enough for your time to make it worth your while, even a relatively small audience should provide enough clients to keep you busy.


Remember that this model only works if you’re interested in selling services or working with people one-on-one. If you’re not, that’s ok – just know that there are other monetization models at your disposal.




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0 thoughts on “How To Monetize Your Blog By Offering A Service

  1. Hello Joan, I really enjoyed this post and do like your suggestion on giving a free consulting hour to someone, this is a great way to get people to know about what you have to offer them HUH?

    I also liked your suggestion on following up, not once or twice but to get them on your list and keep in touch with them on a regular basis, this just makes so much sense.

    I have had free consulting in the past and none of them have done this, perhaps I would have eventually purchased something from them because they have given so freely of their time to me..
    Very Interesting.. Thanks for sharing… Chery :))

  2. Ashley says:

    I wish I had some sort of service that would go along with my lifestyle blog but at the moment I don’t. A few ebooks are in the works tho!

  3. Awesome post, Joan!
    Hosting free hour coaching calls is definitely a great way to position you as a leader. When people have already talked to you, they will value you as a credible person and they will consider you as a go-to person, when they feel that they need help with something.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

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