How To Motivate and Persuade With Evidence

Motivate and Persuade With Evidence
















Do You Motivate and Persuade In Your Writing?






Are you unsure about benefit-oriented writing?






Think about it: Your readers may need a little push or incentive.







It may seem like you’re dangling a carrot in front of them, but it truly works.







What your readers need is concrete evidence – if they perform the task, are they really going to get the carrot?




You can provide solid evidence from personal anecdotes, case studies, analysis, and more to motivate your readers into performing an action or believing in an idea.











Here is how you motivate and persuade your readers how they will greatly benefit from performing a particular strategy or method, using a product or service, or even adopting a different point-of-view….from Ezine Articles.





First, establish your “Y” by picking a strategy, method, product, service, or idea that will help meet your audiences’ needs or wants.




Once your topic is established, brainstorm benefits or “reasons.”




Next, follow this template to motivate and persuade your reader:





  • In 2-5 sentences, introduce a strategy, method, product, service, or idea that will help your readers achieve what they need or want.
  • Briefly, point out common doubts regarding the topic and then transition into your list of reasons by discussing why these doubts are overshadowed by “the following reasons.”



List the Reasons

  • Provide anywhere from 3 to 10 reasons that point out the benefits of performing the strategy or method.
  • Be descriptive so your readers can easily picture themselves attaining the benefit.
  • Keep in mind that benefits are only compelling if they are descriptive and truthful (not vague or generic).
  • Give personal anecdotes, summarize case studies, or other forms of evidence illustrating your expertise on the topic.




  • Briefly recap the topic and the ultimate benefit the reader is attempting to achieve.






Beneficial evidence is a great motivator to persuade your audience to perform a task, whether that task takes a little or a lot of effort.




Use this article template from Ezine Articles,  to help your readers see beyond the hard work and invoke determination to help them achieve their goals.






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