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What Is That One “Trigger” That Will Help Move Your Business To The Next Level?





As you know, a very heated US Election came to an end and I want to share something with you, that I just learned from Vitaly Grinblat of Magnetic Sponsoring, that will help you move your business and your entire life to the next level.




This is not a political post, but I will tell you that it’s heavily used in politics… regardless of which side of the political spectrum you’re on……says Vitaly Grinblat

  • ALL politicians, whether in this election or previous ones, don’t win simply on what’s right or what’s wrong for the country and the people.
  • The truth is…
  • Those who win simply deliver their message BETTER than their opponent.
  • Doesn’t make them right or wrong.






It’s pure and simple marketing and persuasion.






One of the persuasion techniques used all the time in politics plays on a major mental craving we all have…..And this deep, subconscious longing is often keeping people chained to their past and unable to live up to their full potential.




What is it?




It’s the desire to BLAME other   people, events and circumstances for their situation.





That IS how the masses think, and our society at large supports this “conventional wisdom.”

  • Even inside our network marketing industry.
  • How often do you hear things like…
  • “If I only had a different upline.”
  • “If I only lived in a better city.”
  • “If my company only had this product or allowed this or that.”
  • Some people ALWAYS look outside of them for an “excuse” why they’re not winning.




The good news for the  majority of us is that you can change your entire life at the moment you start taking personal responsibility.







Ultimately your success 100% depends on YOU and what YOU do.





If you want to move into the top 1% of achievers and reap the rewards that come with it, you simply can’t do what everyone else does, and think how everyone else thinks.




You’re probably nodding your head in agreement, but let me say that when you find yourself in a bind, it’s awful tempting to go with the “flow.”




When you take that personal responsibility it puts YOU in the driver’s seat.








It’s like you regain 100% control of your life, because you’re the one holding the steering wheel and it’s up to you where you from here.


No matter who’s in charge of the government, there’s only ONE person in charge of your business, your income, and your life.




And that my friend is YOU!






If you enjoyed these “gold nuggets” from Vitaly Grinblat and found TONS OF VALUE, please do yourself a favor and share with all whom you feel would benefit from knowing this information…..Thank You!




Sharing Is Caring!




To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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