How To Re-Invent Boring Blog Content

Is your blog filled with the same old boring blog content?


When you’re bored with your content, rest assured: You’re boring the boots off your readers, too.




You know that you need to find a way to add more spice to your old boring blog content, but how?

At some point in your blogging journey, you hit the same brick wall.  It seems like you have written about everything already, and you know that tons of other bloggers have written about the same thing too, right?

How can you breathe life into those same old topics? How can you find your sense of fun again? And keep your readers glued to your last word, and coming back for more?


Here are 4 fun methods shared from Henneke, that will help you add more spice to that old boring blog content


1. Transport readers to a different scene

  • Imagine writing a blog post about the difference between features and benefits.
  • A feature is an aspect of a product, while a benefit explains what it does for its user.
  • Pretty boring, right?
  • So, how do you start the zillionth post about features and benefits?
  • Tell a simple story:
  • Imagine a scene showing why your topic is important
  • Allow your readers to picture the scene by using vivid details
  • Keep readers engaged by adding a dash of drama
  • Keep your story short
  • Your readers are hurrying across the web trying to escape regurgitated content.
  • They’re dying to be entertained.
  • So, “transport” them away from their computer.
  • Hook them with a quick story.


2. Apply the perfect antidote to dull generics

  • Generic statements are boring
  • When readers are in a hurry, do you think they stop to think about what a sentence exactly means?  Nope
  • To avoid boring your readers with generic statements, use examples to make your ideas concrete and vivid.
  • Fun examples make boring topics interesting.
  • They make abstract ideas concrete.
  • They engage readers and help them both understand and implement your advice.
  • You demonstrate that you know how to apply your advice.
  • To breathe life into boring old topics use vivid examples:
  • Use a real case study
  • Quickly create your own examples
  • Scour the web for suitable examples


3. Decorate like cupcakes

  • Want to turn bland ingredients like flour and butter into cupcakes that look and taste delicious?
  • Use a spoonful of sugar and a touch of creativity.
  • Metaphors work the same—they add a splash of color to dull topics.
  • Metaphors compare two unrelated topics (like writing and cooking).
  • They make blah content more vivid, entertaining, and personal.
  • You don’t need a special creative brain to generate metaphors.
  • Give yourself permission to play:
  • Define the key point your blog post should communicate
  • Focus your creativity by choosing one broad area e.g. sports or cooking
  • Play around to find connections


4. Create a festival of colors

  • Creating visual posts is fun—both for bloggers and for readers:
  • Images can make your content more credible
  • Images are processed quicker by our brains
  • Images improve understanding and recall
  • By creating visual posts, you give yourself an opportunity to write about the same topic once again:
  • Create drawings or infographics
  • Create a SlideShare presentation
  • Turn your blog post into a short video
  • Turning your blog posts into a visual story makes your content instantly more charming. And more memorable.


Re-invent your blog.


Follow your curiosity


Because when you have fun, your enthusiasm shines through. And that ignites a spark of excitement in your readers.


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