How To Recommend Your Favorite Tools to Your Readers

Recommend Your Favorite Tools








How To Recommend Your Favorite Tools To Your Readers





It’s nearly impossible to think of all of the tools you use everyday in your personal and professional lives.




As a professional in your niche, you have most likely come across  several tools you couldn’t do without that you just had to recommend to your customers.




Use this article template tool for inspiration to help you recommend to  your readers how to effectively achieve a particular task or goal.








The Tools You Need Article Template





  • Open up by describing how the tools you’re about to recommend can save your readers time to more effectively achieve their goal(s)




  • List the tools!

For each tool, use the following format:

  • Tool #1: Name the Tool

    • Benefit: Briefly detail the benefit the tool provides the user.
    • Description: Succinctly explain how the tool works.
    • Tips: Provide insider tips on how to use the tool.
    • Price Range: If applicable, add a price range for added convenience to the reader.
  • Tool #2, etc.: Continue recommending tools using the same format illustrated under Tool #1.

  • Successful articles commonly provide 3, 5, or 10 tools, but you don’t have to stick to those amounts.

  • Provide at least 3 different tools in one article.




  • Recap how the tools will help the reader.





These days, there’s a tool for every task, goal, or problem.




Help your readers breakthrough obstacles or achieve their goals faster by recommending the tools you use with this template.






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