How To Resonate With Your Audience

Find The Voice That Engages and Resonates With Your Audience





You know your copy has to resonate with your audience to get any attention and you also know that to stand out in the over-populated, highly saturated world of online marketing , you have to have a unique voice.




So, how do you market from a place of inspiration and not from a place of desperation, and cause people to feel like they already know you, trust you and want to do business with you?


Simply by being passionate about what you do by giving value consistently and keeping your content entertaining, engaging and above all, educational.


You need to engage people in the conversation, by asking  your audience questions in your videos and blog posts and status updates  and use that information on your blog as added value to help them.  This is something they will remember when they need your services.




The secret is not to simply write how you speak, but to notice the words you use, understand the words your audience uses and find an intersection between the two to weave into your copy and branding by reflecting what your audience would want to read.






Knowing what your customer wants to achieve and using this as the cornerstone of your messaging is a basic in writing copy….

  • Hook readers with the benefit by answering the very first question on their mind before they’ve started reading your article: “WIIFM (What’s In It For Me)?”
  • Always lead with the benefit and keep your energy high to create a motivating call-to-action that motivates readers to act.
  • Provide Easy-to-Navigate Links
  • You’ve provided your readers with quality, informative content and now they’re at your website.
  • You don’t want them to search for your opportunities – they’ll get tired and eventually give up.
  • Go through the steps as though you’re a new visitor.
  • Is it difficult to find what benefits you?
  • Set up your website in a way that speaks to potential clients and makes it easy for them to get involved.
  • Anything that promises to be simple and delivers is incredibly appealing.


People like doing business with people so find your key stories and your key interests…….and weave them into your copy repeatedly.


Remember that your audience is looking for answers to questions, advice, and resources that help people like them get the stuff people like them want.


Make your copy clear, always, and let your readers know EXACTLY what you want them to do by providing them with a call to action that resonates with them to take the action they need to take to find that solution to their problem.



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