How To Ruin Your Reputation On Facebook

Ways To Ruin Your Reputation On Facebook









Do You Do This On Facebook And Ruin Your Reputation?





Wondering why you do not make money online through social media with Facebook?





It is because you are making one – or a series – of mistakes which tell people to stay away……says my friend Ryan Biddulph









Do You Do These 4 things on Facebook?





#1 – Posting No Picture

  • If you are serious about doing network marketing the right way post a smiling head shot of yourself. 
  • People want to SEE YOU!




#2 – Lame Pitches

  • Never, ever, ever send a pitch message on FaceBook, especially if you never met the person.

  • P*ssing off a person with a massive social media following, a person with massive influence, is never a good idea.





#3 – Automating Everything

  • Automation rocks.
  • Sending out updates every 2 or 3 minutes through social network tools can hurt your reputation.
  • FaceBook is more about making personal connections and building relationships….know, like and trust is key. 




#4 – Rampant Tagging

  • Put others above your own selfish needs.
  • Stop tagging people to sell them, or grab their attention.

  • If people want to see your update let them see it in your stream.
  • Only tag people whom you intend to credit for their awesome home business work.
  • Help them gain friends, and expand their presence.






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