How To Seduce Your Website Visitors

Seduce Your Website Visitors












How To Seduce Your Website Visitors






Increase your conversion rates by seducing your website visitors with more persuasive landing pages with these tips from KISSMetrics










How to command attention with your headlines

  • Be useful.

  • Connect with your readers’ wants and fears.
  • Observe the rule of one.

  • Don’t confuse your web visitors by going in different directions.
  • Your headline should focus on just one big idea.
  • Be ultra-specific.

  • Use numbers and exact names.
  • Because being precise makes you more believable.
  • Don’t be clever.

  • Clever headlines often fail.
  • Be urgent.

  • Encourage people to act now by providing a deadline.
  • Command attention.

  • Use words that trigger emotion.
  • Choose vivid adjectives.
  • Include sensory descriptions.
  • Focus on loss aversion.

  • What does your audience lose by not taking up your offer?
  • Focus on their potential loss and your conversion rate is likely to go up.









How to write compelling copy

  • Use the word “you”.

  • Reduce your text.

  • Adopt familiar language.

  • Encyclopedia Britannica increased its conversion rate by 103% when they introduced clear text which followed their readers’ thoughts.
  • Include fascinating bullets.

  • These are much easier to read.
  • And even skimmers pay attention to them.
  • Tell us why.

  • You know why the legendary slogan “Because you’re worth it” is powerful don’t you?
  • Don’t focus on features.

  • Anticipate objections.

  • And ensure you address them all.
  • Try video.

  • Do your web visitors prefer watching a video to reading your copy?








How to create a persuasive call to action

You have to choose one objective. And make your call to action irresistible.

  • Be clear.

  • Telling people exactly what they should do can increase your conversion rate by 173%.
  • Have one primary call to action.

  • Focus your landing page on one primary call to action.
  • Remove side bars.

  • Remove top navigation.

  • Who wants to submit something, go to next, or read more?
  • Set expectations.

  • Be clear about your offer and how your web visitor will benefit.
  • Increase value.

  • Can you offer a bonus?
  • Make sure you show the value of your bonus, too!
  • Use the power of FREE.







How to seduce with good design

  • Stand out.

  • Make your call to action button bigger, use a contrasting color, and increase your font size.
  • Employ the power of the eye.

  • Embrace white space.

  • Be attractive.

  • A well balanced website with a carefully selected color palette makes you more trustworthy.





Understand your web visitors.


Know their desires.


Appreciate their fears.


And you’ll become a landing page master.


Set your goals.


Keep improving.





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