How To Sell More By Not Selling At All….

Sell More By Not Selling













How You Can Sell More By Not Selling






Here are 3 Simple Guidelines, and One Perfect Secret Weapon






You’ve heard it said that people love to buy, but hate to be sold.



We need to get people to do what they love (buying)…but without them realizing that’s what we’re doing.



When we say people hate to be sold, we mean they hate being lied to, manipulated, pressured, and in every other respect prevented from making up their own minds in their own time.



They also hate feeling like those things are happening (even if they aren’t)……And that is what people think sales means.




But sales is not any of these things…….






Sales is simply telling people how to get what they want





……And when you do it, your salesmanship is completely “covert”—it goes unnoticed, because you’re just helping your prospects to get what they want.




No pressure tactics, persuasion tricks, manipulation choke-holds or any other nonsense.






stepbystepIf you practice these three simple steps daily you’ll safeguard yourself from slipping into the easy trap of thinking you have to “get” your prospects to do anything.






Step# 1. Don’t try to control outcomes that aren’t up to you

  • This is our classic mistake.
  • We try to control our customer’s decision to buy.
  • But the only person who can control that is…our customer.
  • We have no power over this.
  • We have to decide that our goal is to help our customer see as clearly as possible how to get what he wants—if indeed we have what he wants!



Step# 2. Don’t assume you know what your customer is thinking

  • By simply acknowledging that you don’t know what your customer really wants until you ask him, you turn the sale from a hard, pushy, uncomfortable affair into what is effectively a conversation.



Step# 3. Take a long view

  • In person, you have limited time to sell.
  • The process of in-person selling can be automated, provided you have the right understanding of your customer, and enough time to say everything you need to say without putting the pressure on.
  • And on the Internet, you have all the time in the world—there really is no excuse for rushing the sales process.





There is a technology that everyone uses which is so perfect for selling over the long term that you might suspect it was invented purely for that purpose.




Which leads me to this…..your perfect secret sales weapon…..







“Email Marketing”








Email lets you comfortably deal with steps#1 and #2.

  • With email you can ask all kinds of questions using quick surveys, and deal with all the angles or reasons people might buy, without having to sound like you’re assuming anything about any particular person.
  • Email, by its very nature, lets you do this gently, gradually, without pressure—either for your prospect, or for you.
  • Email gives you lots of little chances to tell your prospect how to get what he wants, instead of one big chance you’re afraid of blowing.
  • You can also give your prospect the reassurance he can reply and talk to you directly if he’d like.





Using email marketing is perhaps the perfect way to sell.




It removes the appearance of selling entirely, and replaces it with an ongoing conversation, where you simply keep telling your prospect how to get what he wants.




Ultimately that is what we all want… know how to get what we want.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington






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