How To Sell People Who Hate Being Sold

Sell People Who Hate Being Sold









This Is How To Sell People Who Hate Being Sold….





You know pretty much everyone hates the idea of being sold.




No one really likes dealing with sales people.









Here’s the kicker…


As much as everyone doesn’t like to be sold…

… they actually love to buy… long as they feel they’re 100% in control of the buying decision.




Here is an example of  HOW we actually make decisions and who’s really in control.

  • When you’re walking past an ice cream shop with no intention to buy and the next thing you know you’ve got one in your hand.
  • Now surely you weren’t SOLD these, you just made a decision to buy.
  • Or did you?


Perhaps the smell coming out of the ice-cream shop stopped you dead in your tracks and made you realize you’re craving for some vanilla with hot fudge.




When people come to your website, they have absolutely no intention on buying anything.




As a matter of fact, they’re already skeptical to begin with and have their guard up.




So how do you create a sudden turnaround where they go from skimming your page with their cursor on the back button… getting all excited about buying your product or joining your business?




By making your sales page about THEM and not you, your product or service.




They don’t care how long your company has been around, or how many “other” people are doing this.




The only thing people care about is themselves and what’s in it for them








The Ultimate Sales Conversion Formula will help make your web page about them… their needs and wants… and then leading them to a state of white-hot desire to own your product or get into your business.

  • You’ll get word for word template for every single part of your sales letter.
  • 25 specific points to be exact.





You just take your product, service or business opportunity and fill in the blanks.







Here’s the link to grab this now….







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