How To SkyRocket Your Email Open And Click-Thru Rates

Make Your Email Open And Click-Thru Rates SkyRocket












Here Is How To Make Your Email Open And Click-Thru Rates SkyRocket






Let me ask you this……Are you getting what you want from your email marketing?



Many people who run an online business don’t have a great understanding of how email marketing works, nor do they know what they really can achieve with email marketing.


Unfortunately, email marketing is harder now than it ever has been.


Everyone and their mother is engaged in email marketing these days, resulting in stuffed inboxes crowded with competition.


These are the reasons you’re not getting as many opens and click-thrus from your emails as you wish.







Here are a few ways from KISSMetrics on how you can solve these problems…..







First Things First: Write Magnetic Headlines

  • If you don’t pay enough attention to your headlines, you are killing your email campaigns before they get the chance to blossom.



The Best Email Frequency: It’s Not What You May Think

  • Let me ask you this: what’s the best autoresponder frequency?
  • The truth is, you’ll have to test to find out what YOUR best email frequency is…AND the best campaigns will change frequency in between each email that is sent out.
  • The ultimate goal of those relationships is to sell your products while simultaneously helping your customers.
  • Knowing this is the key to determining which is the best autoresponder frequency.
  • It’s important that you provide a lot of value to your email subscribers as soon as you can.




The 4 stages of autoresponder frequency




Stage 1: Value Addiction

  • In this stage, you want to provide awesome content within a very short time frame.
  • The reason for this is that you need to hook your subscribers from the beginning.
  • Send many useful emails in a short amount of time.
  • One email every 2 days is perfect.


Stage 2: Sticking

  • In this “Sticking” stage, you want to deepen the relationships with your subscribers.
  • All you have to do is continue providing great content.
  • Slow down your autoresponder frequency…..send one email every 3-4 days.


Stage 3: Rapport

  • If your subscribers reach this stage, then you have built a good connection with them.
  • You gave them a lot of value, and you have been interacting with them for a certain amount of time, so the relationships are well established.
  • However, you must keep providing great content to strengthen your relationships.
  • The autoresponder frequency can slow down to every 4-5 days.


Stage 4: Loyalty

  • The subscribers who continue reading your emails in this stage are loyal readers, your fans, and usually your customers.
  • You just have to keep the relationships by sending them your content.
  • Loyal Stage: You just have to provide content to keep your relationships with your subscribers.
  • Send one email every 5-6 days.




Email marketing is becoming more competitive every day.



Because of that, you need to develop new solutions to get good results.



You can try this process as a baseline, but ultimately you will need to tailor your content, offers, staging and frequencies to a tune that works best for you.



Test, test, test!





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