How To Spice Up Your Drab Blog Posts

Do You Need To Spice Up Your Drab Blog Posts?











How engaging are your blog posts?






To gain attention and to win customers, you need to engage and persuade.




You need to stand out.








Here are just a few ways to spice up your drab blog posts and get the attention that you want by Henneke.….Enjoy!






1.  Seduce with attention-grabbing headlines

  • If you want potential customers to read your blog, you need to tempt them with tantalizing headlines.
  • Your headline needs to promise a benefit
  • Promise a potential reader what he’ll learn when he reads your post.
  • Be as specific as you can.
  • A potential reader wants to know you won’t be wasting his/her precious time.
  • Power words grab attention
  • Emotional, sensory, and unusual words stand out.
  • Include at least one power word in your headline.
  • Seductive is a power word.
  • A word like seductive conjures up images and emotions.
  • You can’t ignore the word.
  • You can’t read it without paying attention.
  • Numbers stand out
  • Well-written lists are easy to consume, and everyone will find something useful in a long list.
  • Start a headline with a number, promise a benefit, and add one or two power words makes your headline a winner.


To add some spice to your headlines, study successful headlines on popular blogs.

You’ll start to recognize the formulas that work.

Steal the formulas and apply them to your topic.




2.  Make your content sizzle

  • To spice up your writing, you must cut long sentences and skip bland words.
  • Read through your draft text to look for long sentences.
  • Aim for a maximum of 12 words per sentence on average.
  • Examine all sentences with more than 15 words.

Take the following actions:

  • Cut a long sentence into two or three separate sentences. You can usually cut a sentence where you use words like but, because, and and.
  • Try to eliminate unnecessary words. Reduce the number of adjectives and adverbs – especially words like really, obviously, and generally.
  • Use a more conversational tone. Imagine talking to your reader. Try to use the word you.
  • Swap bland for stronger words.




3.  The truth about creating more spice for your business blog

  • Readers don’t follow you for wishy-washy advice.
  • They look for a strong voice.
  • They look for opinions to guide them.
  • To create a successful business blog you need to cut your ifs and buts .
  • Phrases like in my opinion, perhaps, and I think lower your perceived authority.
  • You don’t need to be controversial.
  • You do need to be authoritative.
  • Clear voices sparkle.
  • Strong opinions fascinate.





You need to know your stuff.


And share it with conviction and passion.






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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