How To Stir Up a Great Article With This Recipe

Stir Up A Great Article With This Recipe For Success








Recipe For Success




Easily Stir Up a Great Article With This Recipe




The most successful chefs will practice with recipes.




Failing occasionally, the chef takes risks by tweaking the recipe based on their own style and taste.




You can use this same concept by sharing your “recipes” with readers in your articles!




“Writing a recipe article is easy” says Christopher M. Knight of Ezine Articles.




Simply spend a little time thinking about your topic, its key ingredients, and the steps you took to achieve your goal.








Here Is The Recipe for Article Success…..




  • Leading with your reader’s gratifying WIIFM (what’s in it for me) factor, describe how this recipe for success will help the reader achieve success.




  • List what the reader will need.
  • Your list can be specific (e.g., a calculator, a stopwatch, or 30 minutes) or general (e.g., motivation, inspiration, or attitude).




  • Provide the steps you took to advance or as a precautionary measure to achieve success.
  • Each step should relevantly incorporate your ingredients.




  • Once again, call attention to the benefit the reader will gain using this recipe.
  • Succinctly describe how it worked for you, a client, or another source of inspiration.





Have you written a “Recipe for Success” article?






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