How To Stop Attracting and Start Creating

What you need to do to STOP attracting and START creating your DREAM LIFESTYLE



In most people’s minds, work means getting a “job.”   And I bet you know people who complain about their jobs, or really just frickin’ hate their jobs, and are looking for a better one?


You’re reading this because you want MORE, because you’ve got something in you that wants to play BIGGER. 



Be honest, what YOU really want is something that will allow you to use your skills and passions to HELP others in such a way that they will be able to live THEIR DREAM LIFESTYLE, because you know that this is the ONLY way that you will be able to LIVE YOUR DREAM LIFESTYLE and never have a “job” again.


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“If you keep trying to earn a living, that’s exactly what you’re going to get! You’ll earn a minimum standard and you’ll never get rich. You’ll never get wealthy”.……says T. Harv Eker, best selling author of “Secrets of a Millionaire Mind”


You need to start playing BIG and it doesn’t frickin’ matter what it is you do. If you’re a trainer, train, you don’t need a job for that!


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So, how do you know what to train on and what your message will be?

“It’s simple” says T. Harv

Keep in mind the following:

1.  How can you best help people and solve problems?

  • Come from what they want and what you could help them with.

2.  Wants versus needs.

  • If you want to make money once every decade when disaster hits, fine.
  • Other than that, that’s not what they want to be focusing on.
  • Think about what they want, not just what you want them to have.


Get specific on a specific problem that you can help people with now.


Go for something that’s in demand, not just stuff that you know.


Play bigger. Think bigger. Find people with an audience. Put together a program or a talk.


Make sure it’s different.


Start with having ONE thing that really helps people.knowledge2


If you’ve got information, or just a methodology that can help somebody, put it out there in an organized format.



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Get in front of a lot of people, teach what you need to teach, tell what you’ve got, and then have them get a hold of you.


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Whatever you got going now, you should be able to do one thing to double your clients in one week.


Do something that exposes you.


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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington



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0 Replies to “How To Stop Attracting and Start Creating”

  1. Joann great post. I agree with its best to solve peoples problems. That is great angle to take vs some of these other so called marketing tactics that people are using out here. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! You posted plenty of calls for action today.
    I don’t want any ‘thing’. I would like to remain healthy for the rest of my life and I would like to go on blogging as long as I can. That’s ‘it’.

  3. I am fortunate – I have a job that I like (most of the time, since nothing is perfect!). I enjoy most of the people I work with. I constantly learn, I constantly am challenged, I constantly must solve problems. But what is also true is that the continuation of that job is not in my control, and that is the major advantage of being an entrepreneur – your destiny is more in your hands.

  4. There’s so much out there about the about the law of attraction – I like your spin on it to start CREATING (one of my favorite activities and part of my quilt business name, except with a “K” as in K-Lee’s Kreations!) 😉

    My goal in earning my doctorate degree (hopefully by 2016) is to have the ability to continue providing educational services online far into and beyond retirement (I’m 57 now). I enjoy curriculum development and course writing as a specialized writing niche. Of course, I also want to improve my blogging efforts and success, AND grow my quilting business!

  5. Hi Joan,

    Love the message in this post! When we start thinking positively we bring in the positive, but we have to act upon it.

    Play Bigger, Think Bigger is my biggest take away here. We are a natural growing being. Once we understand that, we can think bigger thereby attracting bigger things to us. It has to come from deep inside of us after we toss out that job mentality.

    Yes, there is a way to get out there with our unique skills and help others. When we find a way to do that, the money just follows.


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