How To Stop Selling And Start Telling

Stop Selling And Start Telling











How Do You Stop Selling And Start Telling











There’s nothing prospects love more than to buy shiny new things, there’s nothing they hate more than to be sold at.






You see, when people are thinking of buying things, they want to know as much as possible about them.






If you’ve ever spent time considering plonking down a lot of cash for some new widget, you know what I mean.

  • You probably spent a lot of time researching.
  • Comparing what was available.
  • Looking at features, figuring out benefits, and comparing these to your needs.





Here’s the really interesting thing…..If you enjoy your work, or if your widget was something you really wanted—a treat or a reward or something you’d been saving for—you actually enjoyed deciding what to buy.




In other words, the deciding factor in your purchase was not how persuasive the copy was, but how much information you could find.







“Clarity trumps persuasion”…..The more you tell, the more you sell.








Clarity, not persuasive techniques or marketing jargon, is the key to making sales





Remember, writing is not fundamentally different from speaking.





The point in both cases is to establish a personal connection and convey useful information.





So engage your prospects in “conversation” about the thing they’re thinking of buying…and keep the conversation going until they buy.





Virtually no one does this.





There are four principal elements you need to master to pull off “selling by telling”.

  • They are very simple—and once you’ve mastered them selling becomes easy, even enjoyable
  • You don’t feel like a phony, forcing yourself to use all kinds of persuasion techniques to manipulate your prospect into buying.
  • Instead, you feel like a normal person, telling another person about something you both find interesting.





Want to know what these 4 keys are?




The Four Keys to selling without having to sell….

Key #1: Conversational style

Key #2: Narrative Structure

Key #3: Benefits, then features

Key #4: Scannable Elements




To learn more about these 4 keys to selling click here.






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  1. This is a wonderful post Joan and actually I had never looked at it like that but your right! This puts a whole new spin on writing copy!

    It’s kind of funny when I read that about natrual conversation because you know when I do a blog post or writing a story I wright like I talk. However, I find when I write copy it’s a totally different matter!

    Maybe that’s why my copy always sucks! LOL

    Thanks a million,
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