How To Super-Charge Your Marketing with These Power Words

Did you know that you can combine power words in your marketing to help you get more sales, signups, and conversions?






“People are utterly seduced by power words as they get us to click, share and buy. They trigger that emotional response and pack some serious punch to the allure of any sales page, headline or ad”……says Sarah Peterson,







[tweet_box design=”default”]Power words work by cranking up your marketing effectiveness by: Invoking emotion and Triggering curiosity[/tweet_box]




The following are the best places for you to use power words on your site:

  • Headlines-
  • Whether you’re crafting the perfect headline for your sales page or you’re writing a viral-worthy article, make them so irresistible readers can’t help but click.
  • Subheads-
  • Power words in your subheads capture attention and draw the reader into actually reading the content rather than just scanning over it.
  • Product Names-
  • You have two choices when you’re naming your products.
  • You can choose to: Be boring or pack a punch
  • Popups – 
  • If you have a list builder app installed, include power words in your descriptions and offers on the popup.
  • Landing Pages-
  • Landing pages are an effective way of blocking out all of the extra noise on your website and ensure that the visitor is just focusing on one specific call to action.
  • Buttons-
  • Using words like “free” or “trending” (provides social proof) in your call-to-action buttons
  • Testimonials-
  • Testimonials increase conversions by 34% and invaluable credibility to your brand.
  • Make your testimonials work overtime for your business by featuring the ones including power words.
  • Email Subject Lines-
  • Your email subject lines are the first point of contact your subscriber has with your email.
  • Like a headline, they can either seduce the person into clicking, or make them put their blinders on.
  • Your Business/Domain Name-
  • Using a power word that describes what you do or who you do it for can make your marketing far more effective.
  • For your next rebrand or business (for all you serial entrepreneurs), incorporate a power word into your business’s name to ensure that you trigger an emotional response the second your customers stumbles across your brand.
  • Calls to Action-
  • One of the most important places to use power words in your marketing is in any call to action



(Arm yourself with a copy of’s personal spreadsheet of power words by clicking here>>> Get the Spreadsheet Now.)



Are you ready to incorporate power words in your marketing?



The easiest way to start is to take action now and include power words in your marketing today.




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22 thoughts on “How To Super-Charge Your Marketing with These Power Words

  1. Hi Joan,

    You are the coolest! I just downloaded the spread sheet of power words and it saves me so much time. I write so much from emails to blogging to sales pages. This sure came in handy!


  2. Hi Joan,
    Some excellent tips you have here!
    Power words are dangerously persuasive and it’s a great idea to use them in your marketing.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • You are welcome Corina! Happy that this list of “power words” will be very helpful to you 🙂 Having an awesome week, thank you! Hope you are as well!

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