How To Supercharge Your Blog Posts

Supercharge Your Blog Posts










What You Need To Supercharge Your Blog Posts




What Is It?



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Magic Action Box is the AMAZING plugin that allows you to make call-to-action opt-in and sales forms on your blog posts, sidebar.




That means that you will get more visitors on your email list, more sales, and more time to do the things that you love.




The most amazing thing about Magic Action Box is that it works with ANY email marketing system out there.




You no longer have to hire a designer or use a crappy template when you want to make strong calls-to-action, now you can create them in less than 3 minutes!







What Are The Benefits?







1.   Magic Action Box Makes It Easy to Create Powerful Calls to Action

  • Having a strong call to action clarifies what it is you want your visitors to do.
  • Whether your goal is to build your email list or to drive traffic to your product page, Magic Action Box makes it easy for you to create powerful calls to action that convert passive visitors into active ones.
  • No coding required.
  • We offer features that make it easy to set up your call to action the way you want it.

Below is a short list of some of the things that you can do with Magic Action Box:

  • Easily add an action box before or after a blog post or page.
  • Create Email Opt In Forms
  • Create a Sales Box
  • Create your own action box styles.
  • Or, pick a style from one of our pre-configured styles.
  • Create and upload your own buttons



2.   Magic Action Box Helps Users Focus on One Thing

  • Many site owners assume that visitors need plenty of choices.
  • In reality they want you to lead them.
  • Magic Action Box helps you follow the same guiding principles used by successful websites – having a clear and focused call to action that ask visitors to do only one thing.


“Less choices, means more action. More choices, means less action.”


3.   Magic Action Box Offers Great Looking Action Boxes

  • Not all of us are designers.
  • Nor do we have the time to create one.
  • But, we do want our action boxes to look sleek and professional – without breaking the bank.
  • And we get that.
  • So, we’ve also included pre-configured styles so you can instantly have a great looking call to action – without needing a designer or a developer.







Incorporating a great call to action will make all the difference for your blog.




Supercharge your blog posts with effective calls to action that emphasizes value and see your conversions hit the roof.




Remember, it’s all about telling people what to do.





What Now?




It’s time for you to start converting more visitors into sales in less than 5 minutes!










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