How To Tap Into The Connected Buyer

5 Effective Tips For Tapping Into The Connected Buyer


You need to be armed with the tools to communicate effectively to into your prospect’s digital buyer process.


In today’s post I share 5 ways to sell to the connected buyer, inspired from Rachel Clapp Miller’s post “5 Tweetable Tips for Tapping Into Your Prospect’s Buying Process”


1. Understand buyer expectations

  • If your buyers can’t find the benefits of the solution you provide, they’ll turn to your competitors.
  • Think of the content you share as the hook that gets the buyer interested


2. Build marketing alignment

  • It’s vital that sales and marketing be in agreement around the goals of your customer facing content.
  • That content provides the on-ramp to the value-based sales conversation
  • The end result should be a consistent message


3. Manage the message

  • Ensure messaging consistency at every customer touch point.
  • Your messaging, needs to demonstrate your businesses value compelling proof points


4. Leverage social

  • If your business wants to be part of the decision process, you need to enable your team to leverage social in their sales process.
  • Connected buyers look to a businesses’ presence on social media to establish relevance in the digital age


5. Differentiate the marketplace

  • Use your online presence to articulate your unique and comparative differentiators so that by the time your prospects are speaking with you, they already see you as a beneficial resource for their needs.



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0 Replies to “How To Tap Into The Connected Buyer”

  1. This is so wonderful! Thank you so so much for the amazing insight. I would love to see examples of how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace to add value. I think this is where people get the most confused or stuff. Lovely post Joan.

    1. Hi Tamala,
      Thanks for the awesome comment and feedback 🙂
      There are several ways that you can differentiate yourself in the marketplace by adding value, the most important way is to BRAND YOU, not a business or a company, YOU, think about ways WHY people should follow you and listen to you, would you follow you? The way you can stand out is to BE DIFFERENT, do not be like everyone else…….just be you, remember, the right people will be attracted to you 🙂 Yes, I agree people get so confused on how to be different, but if they remember to think about ways that they and their service or product stands out and how it will help people, because ultimately that is what people care about WHATS IN IT FOR THEM, right?

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