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5 Tips For Finding Target Leads On Facebook






Today, I would like to share these 5 tips on how to target leads on Facebook from my friend, Ryan Buddulph…….ENJOY! Friends!






Are you targeting network marketing leads on Facebook?





Do you speak to hungry prospects daily?





Your lead generating efforts need to center on finding TARGETED individuals…….People who desire to consume what you have to offer.









Just follow these 5  simple tips to generate targeted leads on Facebook.





TIP # 1 – Target Content

  • Include niche-specific keywords in each one of your blog posts.
  • Cash gifting, network marketing, MLM, whatever.
  • Speak to your target market each time you hit the “Publish” button.
  • Target leads.





TIP # 2 –  Hang Out at Groups

  • Spend 90% of your time on relevant Facebook Groups.
  • Post your latest articles and blog posts.
  • Post value-packed comments on status updates.
  • Establish your authority in front of an interested audience.
  • Attract interested leads.






TIP # 3 – Start a Fan Page

  • Start a cash gifting or home based opportunity Fan Page.
  • Log in under the page.
  • “Like” niche specific Fan Pages.
  • Post at least 4 times daily.
  • Share your latest post on relevant Fan Pages.
  • Generate targeted leads.





TIP # 4 –  Optimize Your Profile

  • Explain how you can benefit individuals.
  • Make it easy for good matches to find you.






TIP # 5 – Stay on Topic

  • Keep most status updates niche specific.
  • Become known for one thing.
  • Program people with your consistent, daily message.
  • Target leads.





  • Work daily.
  • Work online like you’re working an offline business.
  • Target leads with amazing ease, because most people online work in fits and starts.
  • You will make a powerful impact and prosper by working daily.






If you enjoyed these tips, from my friend Ryan, and found TONS OF VALUE, please do yourself a favor and share with everyone you feel would benefit from knowing this information…..Thank You!








To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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