How to Target the Pressure Points in Your Business

Do you know how to TARGET the pressure points in YOUR business?


Growing a business can be like a martial arts fight.  You can throw a burst of punches and strikes hoping that you will floor your opponent…Or…you can calmly step back, target one of your opponents pressure points, and quickly end the fight with a simple strike.




“You can target those pressure points in your business as well by focusing on small conversion tweaks, and skyrocket your business growth without it costing you a ton of time, effort and money”……says Hassan Ud-deen, a freelance blogger



Here are Hassan’s 7 proven ways to target those pressure points by boosting your conversions and consequently ramp up your sales and profits.


1.  Add A Risk Reversing Guarantee

  • When deciding to buy, there’s always going to be a level of risk involved.
  • Especially when it’s something your prospect can’t physically touch.
  • A guarantee is an excellent way to reverse that risk and eliminate the thought of your prospect being “taken”.
  • To nail down the optimal conversion boosting guarantee for your business, start by asking yourself the following questions:
  • Do you have a high or low cost product or service?
  • Are you billing customers every month?
  • Are you making bold claims?
  • Are you claims proven, or unproven?
  • What are your prospects most concerned about?
  • This will help you decide the optimal guarantee for your business and boost your conversion rates. However nothing tops A/B split testing to pinpoint what works best.


2.  Sprinkle On Some Testimonials

  • We know that there’s always a feeling of risk or loss involved when deciding to buy, and that’s what makes testimonials great conversion boosters.
  • They help prospects identify with your customers, show how your business impacts other lives and make your business more “human”.
  • To get the most bang for your buck with testimonials:
  • Keep them short, sweet and simple; with a heavy emphasis on the benefit of your service/product.
  • Sprinkle them throughout your website
  • Add a photo of your client or a company logo along with their name
  • Have a page dedicated to testimonials
  • Split test different testimonials on different pages


3.  Have a Sales Funnel

  • Imagine that your product is an marketing course that’ll show customers how to increase their sales online.
  • You’re attracting visitors to your lead page and some are buying, but what about the remaining prospects?
  • Instead of just letting them go, offer an incentive for them to subscribe to your email list.
  • You can offer an ebook, a checklist, or even an email course.
  • Once you have warmed them up and gained their trust by providing value, you can regularly invite them to check out your products/services.


4.  Focus On Mouthwatering Benefits

  • Making your copy benefit driven is another powerful way to boost your conversions.
  • To boost your conversions right now, go through any headlines and CTAs that you have.
  • Can you make them more benefit driven?
  • Do they quickly tell the your prospect what he gains?
  • If not, think about the biggest benefit of your offer and weave it into your copy.


5.  Power Up Your Headlines

  • Your headlines can make or break your conversion rates.
  • They’re responsible for hooking your prospects attention and seducing him into your copy by drilling the benefit of your offer into his brain.
  • If your headline fails to capture your prospects attention, it doesn’t matter how good your sales letter article or copy is.
  • 3 ways to create high impact headlines that convert are to:
  • Arouse your reader’s curiosity
  • Have a gripping benefit to the reader
  • Be very clear and concise.
  • As always, the best way to determine the optimal headline is to continually test different headlines.
  • Which benefit interests your prospects the most?
  • What words catch his attention better?
  • Answer those questions and you’re well on your way to creating powerful headlines that boost conversions.


6.  Include A Compelling Value Proposition

  • One of the most influential factors for boosting conversions is your value proposition.
  • Simply put, a value proposition is the primary reason why a prospect should buy from you.
  • What’s in it for them? Why should they buy from you instead of your competition?
  • A good value proposition tells your prospect how your product/service will benefit him and how you’re different/better than your competition.
  • If you haven’t crafted a value proposition yet, here are 3 quick steps to help you come up with one:
  • Find your prospects most burning problem.
  • List the main benefit of what you’re offering.
  • Understand how you differ from your competition.


7.  Reduce the Number of Options

  • Reducing options and required fields can lead to shocking increases in conversions.
  • Don’t bombard your reader’s with options.
  • Keep things simple and you’re more likely to increase sales.


Remember is to constantly test things in your business for optimal results.


There you have it, 7 proven ways to spike your conversions.


Are you ready to SPIKE up your conversions?



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington


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0 Replies to “How to Target the Pressure Points in Your Business”

  1. Interesting coincidence that I am applying pressure to my sinus points to drain them. While I understand the points above, I have to work to apply them to my product. Will continue to wrestle with it until I find my knockout punch.

  2. Excellent post on targeting pressure points in your business. Prospects are always looking for freebies, and proof that products work and as you say there is nothing better than testimonials to prove the point.

  3. Great points for all businesses to consider and then to address the one(s) that could use the most balancing out with the others. Being as what I do as a writer is all about relationships and service, I am still working on being the “only” person someone wants to work with to help craft their message to share it in a conversational way. People who have read and like my writing, are my main possible clients and then word of mouth goes a long way as well. Thanks for sharing these tips on how to focus in and put some pressure on your business’ target points, Joan. Very valuable info once again!

  4. Oh yes, I love the concept: of calmly stepping back, targeting an opponent’s pressure point, and quickly ending the fight with a simple strike!! In the world of Internet Marketing this makes perfect sense! When applied to small conversational tweets as Hassan-udeen suggests, I can see how it can sky rocket any business. I found the tips very helpful and will implement them to help boost my conversions.

    I like the mouthwatering benefits, who cold resist a mouthwatering treat? And I know how important headliners are for grabbing attention and clinching the deal! I’ll also keep in mind the acronym K.I.S.S when it comes to reducing the number of options to a prospect. Keep it short and simple wins the day!

    Great value here Joan, thank you much. 🙂

  5. Lots of good points – targeting pressure point / pain point of your customer is a great way to make sure finding a reason for your client / prospective client to choose you over your competitor. All good reminders on your 7 points!

  6. Addressing pressure points for your audience within a well-crafted sales funnel is a great way to go. Still working on my offering. Can you help?!? Thank you for the wonderful tips, Joan! Best 🙂

  7. Great outline of how to improve you conversions. All really useful and it great to remind people that their sales information has to be about what is in it for their clients not about what they do but about the outcomes.

  8. As a Hapkido and Akaido enthusiast and business coach, I totally get this. Very clever usage of the pressure points metaphor in relation to your business. Quick and easy tweaks are definitely great solutions for busy boot-strapping entrepreneurs.

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