How To Target Your Perfect Prospect

Target Your Perfect Prospect








How To Target Your Perfect Prospect



Find out how to capture the attention of MORE of your target market prospects by talking to a FEWER number of them!



What I’m about to reveal to you is an overlooked sales and marketing principle to help you identify your target market, that you may have never heard of before.



In fact this is something the vast majority of network marketers have NEVER discovered.







The elite handful that HAVE are using it silently within their businesses to explode monthly sales volumes and funnel alarming amounts of new recruits into their downlines!




So if you too would like to become a part of this exclusive club then pay careful attention to what I’m about to tell you…




As a network marketer one of the worst things you can do when promoting your stuff is to try to BE ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE.”




This is what a lot of people refer to as the “shotgun approach”, which means…..You advertise and promote your business to ANYONE and EVERYONE with the thinking you’ll sell more by reaching more people.














If you truly focus your efforts…(the way you communicate, your marketing style, the benefits that you stress, the stories that you tell, the keywords you bid on, and the places you choose to advertise) towards your most IDEAL target market prospect then you stand to make the MOST MONEY!





Another way of looking at finding out who your target market is….




The closer you speak someone’s language  (to a person’s exact feelings, problems, and situations) the more sales you’ll make!



The main problem with the “shotgun approach”  is that your marketing becomes TOO BROAD and doesn’t “speak” directly to anyone (or a group of people) in particular! (which is your target market)















If you want to maximize the amount of money you make in your business you’re gonna have to make some tough decisions, and figure out who your target market is.




A challenge for you…….




I’d be willing to bet that right now in your business you could fine-tune your marketing to more directly target FEWER PEOPLE than you currently are.



Always keep in mind….it is not about the size of the audience, it is about the rate at which people buy.



Sometimes you have to FOCUS on a smaller audience to PRODUCE more money.



Start thinking of some ways you can start doing some test marketing to a smaller target market audience.



I know you will be happy with the results!






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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

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  1. Targeting is a secret to success Joan, love the insights here.

    Drill down more each day. I recently changed my strategy to drill down more, focusing each and every one of my posts on cash gifting related themes. I might integrate personal development or the law of attraction here and there but by taking the time to reach out to folks interested in gifting I can better connect with these individuals.

    We are playing an energy game, not a numbers game. Remember this and you can save yourself years of wheel spinning, because once you decide to take the time to make an impact in each and every spot you show up, you cannot possibly fail in the online business game.

    Be patient and persistent in targeting a smaller, more focused audience and you will have problems growing your business over the long haul.

    Keywords, hang out in the right spots and you can succeed quite wildly in your niche of choice.

    Thanks Joan.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…Cash Gifting Mastery – How to Deal with Angry Prospects over the PhoneMy Profile

  2. The target market is the focal point when it comes to marketing. Many people who are just getting in focus on marketing to anybody and everywhere which is the “shotgun approach” what you mentioned. This can definitely water down your marketing success.

    But if you can cut off the fat and figure out what market is really interested in your offer through surveys, groups, etc… you’ll definitely have a lot more success. Great post Joan!
    sherman smith recently posted…Do Prospects Ask You To Prove How Successful You Are?My Profile

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