How To Turn Your Free Stuff Into Profit

Turning Your Free Stuff Into Profit



As a content marketer, you put out lots of FREE educational material that is easily implemented and useful and I bet that you would think that people would be willing to pay for it, right?  But you just do not know HOW to make that happen.


So, how do you turn that free stuff that you share into profit?


As content marketers, we KNOW content marketing works, but a lot of people get stuck on the HOW….meaning they put out tons and tons of free material but never quite reach the “GETTING PAID” part


“Being generous with your knowledge, ideas, experience, and advice is the cornerstone to being a successful authority blogger”..….says Chris Garrett.


When you share your content through being an authority blogger, (sharing blog posts,public speaking, being interviewed, writing books/ebooks, and podcasting)  you get to:

  • Attract attention and increase visibility – People have a reason to listen to you, other than hear your pitch.
  • Differentiate from the competition, build brand and reputation – By giving helpful tips and stories you separate yourself from the pack and stand out.
  • Build an audience – As more people get to hear about you and from you, and find you useful, they will want to hear more.
  • Grow a connection – In networking and in your audience, people will want to be more connected to you because they see your value.
  • Establish trust and credibility – People can see how you can be valuable, and can try out your work. Your content establishes proof.
  • Encourage sharing – When people like what they see they will share, tell friends, and give you testimonials.
  • Educate the prospect – The more informed your prospects are, the happier and more confident they are in taking action.
  • Turn leads into customers – Which leads to more prospects becoming customers, with less “selling”


Blogging is hard work, and only ever giving stuff away can lead your audience to assume you are not in business at all.  When you finally do start to suggest they pay money you can get a lot of push back.


Just remember there are always going to be people who think everything you do should be free, but there will also be people who are willing to pay a fair price for your work too.


The majority of successful Authority Bloggers go beyond affiliate commissions and develop their own products and services.  It doesn’t take many sales of your own coaching or online course to completely blow your affiliate commissions out of the water.


“If you can attract an audience of people who want to hear from you, who have a problem you can help solve, and especially if they are willing to invest in the solution, then you do not need anywhere near the traffic or content output to be more profitable”.…..Chris says


The key is to have an offer that the people you are attracting want to pay for, and to tell people about it. Let people know that you are in business and how YOU can help them.





Giving free content is a great way to get noticed and establish yourself in your niche, but don’t get stuck in free mode.


Share solutions that people can invest in, things that will truly help, and are set at a fair price.


Ignore the naysayers who think you should give everything away, and be as charitable as you like after you have paid yourself and your family!


When you focus on the people you can most help and who are most motivated to take action, then you can get paid for all the free work you do, and everyone wins.



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To Your Success,
Joan Harrington

0 Replies to “How To Turn Your Free Stuff Into Profit”

  1. Hi Joan,

    As a blogger, we cannot get stuck by giving everything out for free. I consider the information on my blog post free and if you want to know more, I have developed my own products and services.

    Within the sales funnel, there is a low cost lead magnet, then some up and down priced products leading to the end game of private coaching. In emails I send I do suggest some affiliate products I do use to gain traction and make life easy.

    It does take a business plan when we are blogging. A blog is part of your business, creating social proof. So when placing an ad, someone looks you up and sees you are an “authority” on something specific, they instantly gain the KLT factor.


  2. I definitely agree with you. I have thought a lot about making a ebook with some of my blog posts and the question is do I give it away to people who sign up for my newsletter or do I charge a small fee for it. This posts makes me think the latter.

  3. Thanks, Joan for this article.

    I agree that blogging is hard work, and that we only seem to focus on giving stuff away to help and develop an audience. And that can lead visitor to assume that we are not in business at all. And then when you do finally start suggesting they pay something you can expect to get flack from it.

    But you are right when you say to ignore naysayers who think you should give everything away as though you have nothing better to do or your own family to take care of as long as it is for a fair price. 🙂

  4. Joan,

    This is an interesting article and I like how it will make bloggers reconsider what they give away for free and what they charge for. It is very important for bloggers to strongly consider their website and it’s purpose. From there they should be able to figure out how much should be given away for FREE and what should be charged for.

  5. This is a lot of great info. I’m not new to blogging but I only recently started doing it on a more regular and more frequent basis. Always looking for new ways to grow it. Thanks!

  6. Hi Joan,
    Great post. I do have my book (which I think is great value) and I have tip sheets. I think I have to develop something in between to offer and continue to show my readers the value of my book. Loved this post!

  7. Charging what we’re worth – for our expertise, time, experience – this has been an area I’ve struggled with for a long time, whether for my customized quilts and other items, or for my freelance services. It’s hard to find that balance between charging enough to make a profit and not charging too much, to the point that nobody makes purchases.

  8. Hey Joan, I agree with you, giving away a lot of valuable information and training is important to attract an audience, but not everything should be for free and you should proudly charge for what you know and package your information, there are many bloggers who are broke and it can’t go on forever…


  9. Hello Joan, What great advice my friend, I have been stuck in that free mode for way to long and do need to start thinking of ways to turn this around. You message is loud and clear. Thanks for sharing… Chery :))

  10. Hi Joan,
    This is right on! So many so-called marketers screams their products and opportunities… which goes no where. But sharing information? Smart Idea, and it feels good. Nice post … thanks!

  11. “Don’t get stuck in free mode,” for sure, Joan.

    That’s a common problem with bloggers who think that being a “go-giver” means to always just give everything away. This article should change some thinking on this topic.

    Nice post.

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